Friday, 4 November 2011

Essence Vampire Love & Body Shop Pumpkin Haul

Yesterday, I went to The Body Shop and to Müller. :-)

I smelled the new and limited Spiced Pumpking Shower Gel two weeks ago and it's currently 3,50€ instead of 5€, so I got it. It smells lovely:

I was quite excited for the Vampire Love collection and all the more disappointed when I saw the nail polishes in real life.. I wanted all of them after seeing the promo pics and there I stood, infront of boring, certainly not special colours.

A million miles away from the promo pictures.. I only got one which looks nice: "Gold Old Buffy" I'm sure this one is pretty :-)

I also bought the blush gelee which looked lovely as well:

The palette seems to be nice, but I have colours like them already.
The lipstains REALLY last, I tested them on my hand (nice colours, though the purple is really purple) and still can see them now on my hand.. After about washing that hand over ten times and a night (not full) of sleep. *gg*
The lash powder  always seemed weird to me, so no buy there.

What did you get? Probably if I wouldn't have seen the promo pics of the nail polishes, I wouldn't have been that disappointed.


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