Sunday, 20 November 2011

Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas Haul

Yesterday wasn't my day, I had university the whole morning and after that I was sooo tired that I slept almost the whole afternoon.

My boyfriend decided that that's not good and lured me out of bed with the words "Müller" and "Retz". *gg*

I slept the whole time in the car though. lol To my suprise we did get to my favorite Müller in time and I bought these:

Look at that lovely polish.

I also got the felt tip liner in Drama Queen and this little fella is unbelievable. Catrice surprises me again and again with its quality. This liner lasted and lasted..
After washing my hands several times, I literally had to scrape it off my hand to get it off and I mean really scrape!

Did you buy something? I'm gonna try to get the red polish as well. It looks sooo lovely from the swatches I've seen.