Tuesday, 15 November 2011

H&M for Versace

Tomorrow is the day H&M will release the Versace collection.

Unfortunately, I'm sure that I won't get any of those items.. I'm definitely not gonna wait in front of the shop while it's freezing cold outside and I never had luck getting anything online. It seems to be sold out in seconds..

Nevertheless, I wanted to share the clothes/accessoires I WOULD buy if I'd have the chance to.

Those two dresses:

One of these bags, which are so cheesy that it's actually gorgeous again:

and I'm quite tempted to get those shoes. Again, those are so tacky that they are cool:

What would you buy?



hübsch. said...

i know, somehow i can never get my hands on those limited designer editions! but honestly i don´t like versace as a brand-donatellas face scares me too much!:-)

Guinevere said...

lol jes her face is scary, you'd think if that amount of money good surgery is possible..

CUT★Timelinefashion said...

nice bags, where can i get them?