Monday, 21 November 2011

Kate for Rimmel Collection

I saw this in Edinburgh and fell in love. A friend of mine told me about the lipsticks and they were so amazing that I got three. *gg*

..but at the same time I was sad that this wouldn't come to Austria.

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Excalibur City which is an hour away from Vienna just after the border and guess what I saw at the DM there:

I couldn't believe my eyes, a full display of the collection!!!


I now own 4 of the 5 available here. *gg* My favorite is the berry one with the nr. 5. The lipstick costs 5,33€ which I think is okay. It's certainly is of amazing quality.

So if you really wanna get your hands on them, you now have the chance to!



Jen said...

Leider sind das alles nicht so meine Farben, sonst wär ich jetzt total neidisch! Aber eine ganz tolle Entdeckung!

Kirschblüte said...

oh, bin ich dieser freund, der dich darauf aufmerksam gemacht hat =)

Guinevere said...

natürlich bist du das :-)