Sunday, 27 November 2011

A**hole of the Day

I'm not a friend of rude language, but this made me so angry...

That was how I found our car after getting breakfast this morning in Retz:

What a moronic asshole..

Luckily, the three men you see in the photo helped me (verbally) kicking his ass when he returned. *gg* Way better than I could have done it on my own.. I'm not good at being mean and I very rarely get angry, but this really freaked me out.

The men recommended calling the police and press charges against him, cause this is not only mean, but actually hindering. I'm thinking about it. *gg* I have a pic of the license plate as well. *gg*

Hope you never have to meet people like that.. What an asshole.. Still makes me angry..



Jen said...

Das hatten wir letztens auch im KINO! Mein Freund hat ihm nen netten Zettel hinterlassen und ist dann über die Beifahrertür rein. Echt mies so ne AKTION! Kann deine Wut verstehen!

Serenity of Beauty said...

Oh lordy - what an idiot! lol Although highly unladylike, but could you not have climbed into the front passenger seat, and climbed into your driver seat? It's very annoying, but it's what I do when people park like that? . . .

Glad you managed to get into your car anyway!

DaniB001 said...

Da wäre ich ebenfalls wenig erfreut gewesen.

Guinevere said...

ja bei solchen leuten frage ich mich echt, wieso die eigentlich auf der welt sind..

@serenity of beauty: That would have been the next step if the guy wouldn't have come back only minutes after I returned to my car. I gotta admit that I wanted to see the jerk, but I wouldn't have waited any longer

Anonymous said...

wie ist denn der da reingekommen, ohne an deinem seitenspiegel anzufahren?

ich kenne retz nicht, aber die 4 bunten häuser im hintergrund schauen ja echt lieb aus:)

hübsch. said...

hahahha poor girl! what a stupid guy! you would have needed the strong guys from the mentos commercial.

Reklamedame said...

boaaaah, was für ein A****loch! Ich werd bei sowas immer richtig aggressiv, am liebsten würd ich so leuten dann die reifen aufstechen oder den lack zerkratzen oder so, aber gott sei dank hab ich mich meistens halbwegs im griff!