Monday, 28 November 2011

The best lip balm ever!!!!

Over the years I tested many lip balms in order to find THE ultimate one and I can safely say I found it. It's the intensive care lip balm from bebe:

This lip balm is truly the best ever. It heals cracked lips, moisturises dry lips and is just an allround talent. It's a simple white stick and has no scent.

I use it every night before I go to sleep to keep my lips in perfect shape. I can really really really really recommend it and for about 2€ it's a bargain as well.



hübsch. said...

did you try the carmex one in the little pot? it is also fantastic!

Guinevere said...

I think I did ages ago and I have the tinted carmex lip balm now as well and really like it, but it doesn'T compare to the one from bebe, but as always, you know, just my subjective opinion

little_stars said...

i totally agree with you- i love them all - rosé classic or sensitive, they worked best for me too
one of them is always following me in my bag ♥

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