Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Beauty Flea Market Haul

The Beauty Flea Markt was great. It was incredible successful, much more than we imagined it would be. I'm sure this wasn't the last one. *g* The next one will be in a big hall with more exhibitors.

My booth was quite coveted, which was nice, but also really exhausting. We started at 11am and until 4pm I didn't see anything else than a wall of people in front of me.

I really tried to avoid buying anything, but I couldn't resist getting a few treasures:

Look at that:

The famous New Vegas. I wanted this MSF for years!! The other items are gorgeous as well:

Marine Ultra Pigment:

Two beauties from YSL, for 1€ each. Incredible, right?

My first Nfu-Oh! It's a base for Holos.

Always wanted such a bottle..

I got the other products for free. :-)

Did you go there? Did you buy anything?