Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Trends of Beauty 2014

Hello lovelies,

It's that time of year again. The Trends of Beauty trade show is coming to Vienna! The only professional two day show in Austria. It's no IMATS, but I'm sure we'll get there one day. *g*

It is designed for Make Up Artists, Pedicurists, Nail Designers, basically everyone in the beauty industry. Over 350 brands/firms will present their products. I can't wait.

Sadly it's only possible to attend if you are in the industry. You will need your trade/profession certificate or a confirmation of your employer that you work in the beauty industry.

You can get tickets here: *click* I'll take loads of pictures for you. :)


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Shopping in Brno - Olympia Park

Hey guys,

Today I've got a little shopping tip for you. A couple of weeks ago we were looking for something to do on a Sunday. I probably need to mention that in Austria the stores are closed on Sundays, quite annoying.

Since we live close to the Czech border we thought, hey why don't look what they've got over there? *g* And they've got some cool things over there.

There's a big shopping center called Olympia Brno which is about an hour from the border and they have some AWESOME stores we don't have in Austria.

One of those stores - a SEPHORA!!!

It felt like heaven. *g* I didn't buy anything, but it still was a pleasure. There's also a Douglas with an Inglot and Rouge Bunny Rouge!

A personal favorite, no one will understand - a Marks & Spencer. I love their food court.

It's a huge mall and it's open every day until 9 pm. It was a great trip. If you're wondering how it is with the exchange rate - the prices are comparable to the ones here in Austria.

So, if you're close to the Czech border or just crave to see those lovely brands in real life I can definitely recommend this mall. :)


Monday, 15 September 2014

Upcoming MAC LE's in October

MAC keeps hitting us with interesting limited editions. In October we'll get Brooke Shields and Rocky Horror.

Let's take a closer look..

While the Brooke Shields packaging is absolutely not my style I love the Rocky Horror all the more..

Now to the most fun part - the what if game? - So if I could I would TOTALLY get the Brooke Shields Gravitas palette, those fall colours look so interesting. A thousand looks come to mind!

If I could I would buy the whole Rocky Horror collection, but especially at least one lipstick, the contour powder, the blush, one of the nail polishes, the lashes and the pigments, oh and the palette.

Back on planet earth with my empty bank account breathing down my neck the only thing I'm gonna be able to do is look longingly at those beauties, maybe swatch them on my arm, takes photos and leave. Being poor sucks, but enough moaning, what will you get?


3 Years Glossybox!

Glossybox celebrated it's third birthday with this box so let's take a look.

So Susan Universal Blush & Kryolan for Glossybox Cashmere Highlighter cream.

The blush has a real nice rosy tone. 

Especially for Glossybox's birthday Kryolan created this highlighter cream. It has a nice shne to it.

There is also a body and face oil by Diadermine, a Bee Natural lip balm in Mango and a Body Shop shower gel in Honeymania. 

It feels like I have a billion body oils by now, so I'm not soo excited about it. I love the scent of the Body Shop shower gel and the lip balm is a nice item as well.

All in all, this is one solid box, but I gotta admit that I wasn't blown away. For a birthday box I kinda expected "more". Maybe I'm just spoiled by previous boxes. *gg* What do you think??

The next box is going to be Pop Art themed and I' sooo excited!!


Bi Good Review

Remember when I told you about the launch of BIPA's Bi Good range??

Now it's review-time!

As most of you know I'm a friend of short and simple reviews. I'm gonna try and keep it that way today as well, but there are many products to talk about. :)

My favorites were and are the liquid hand soap in "Zitronenmelisse", the cleansing milk in "weiße Seerose", the shampoo in "Löwenzahn", the shower gel in "roter Mohn", the tooth paste in "Minze", the sensitive deo roll on in "Kugelblume" and the hand cream in "Marille".

All of them smell and feel divine. There were a few surprises there.

  • The cleansing milk for example. I actually used my sister as a guinea pig since I'm not a fan of those milks and I didn't expect much, but it removed everything!!
  • I used the deodorant and since it's sensitive and everything I didn't expect much protection, but I got a full day out of it! 
  • I was surprised how lovely the shampoo foamed, something I absolutely need in a shampoo. 
  • The tooth paste was another product I didn't think I would love that much, but since I already tried it at the event I knew it was awesome.
But as always there are items one doesn't fancy as much. 
  • Shower gel in "Zwetschke (plum)": it really does smell like plum and it's not a smell I wanna cover myself in. It's a personal dislike and the scent vanishes fast, but it's nothing for me. 
  • day cream in "roter Klee": sadly, I really wouldn't recommend buying this.. It just smells weird, sorta like cheesy feet. My sister and I both used it and it feels lovely on the skin, but the scent is just bad. If there are testers in your store, use them before purchasing it!
So if you ask me what I would say are my must-haves, definitely the "Zitronenmelisse" and the "roter Mohn" range. I LOVE them. I use them on a daily basis. The make up remover products seem promising as well, even though I've only tried the cleansing milk so far. 

The Bi Good range is huge, vegan, eco-friendly and a bunch of other good stuff and it's even super affordable. What do you want more? :)


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Soft Beach Make Up Look

I felt like doing something soft but still summery. Here it is.

I used this old limited MAC eyeshadow trio.

Do you like the look?

What do you think - should I go darker with my hair colour again?? I kinda want to. *g*