Monday, 15 September 2014

Bi Good Review

Remember when I told you about the launch of BIPA's Bi Good range??

Now it's review-time!

As most of you know I'm a friend of short and simple reviews. I'm gonna try and keep it that way today as well, but there are many products to talk about. :)

My favorites were and are the liquid hand soap in "Zitronenmelisse", the cleansing milk in "weiße Seerose", the shampoo in "Löwenzahn", the shower gel in "roter Mohn", the tooth paste in "Minze", the sensitive deo roll on in "Kugelblume" and the hand cream in "Marille".

All of them smell and feel divine. There were a few surprises there.

  • The cleansing milk for example. I actually used my sister as a guinea pig since I'm not a fan of those milks and I didn't expect much, but it removed everything!!
  • I used the deodorant and since it's sensitive and everything I didn't expect much protection, but I got a full day out of it! 
  • I was surprised how lovely the shampoo foamed, something I absolutely need in a shampoo. 
  • The tooth paste was another product I didn't think I would love that much, but since I already tried it at the event I knew it was awesome.
But as always there are items one doesn't fancy as much. 
  • Shower gel in "Zwetschke (plum)": it really does smell like plum and it's not a smell I wanna cover myself in. It's a personal dislike and the scent vanishes fast, but it's nothing for me. 
  • day cream in "roter Klee": sadly, I really wouldn't recommend buying this.. It just smells weird, sorta like cheesy feet. My sister and I both used it and it feels lovely on the skin, but the scent is just bad. If there are testers in your store, use them before purchasing it!
So if you ask me what I would say are my must-haves, definitely the "Zitronenmelisse" and the "roter Mohn" range. I LOVE them. I use them on a daily basis. The make up remover products seem promising as well, even though I've only tried the cleansing milk so far. 

The Bi Good range is huge, vegan, eco-friendly and a bunch of other good stuff and it's even super affordable. What do you want more? :)


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