Thursday, 29 April 2010

Inglot Store New York

I took a ton of photos of all the big and little things in New York and naturally of all the Make Up Stores I came across.

So let's start this series with the Inglot store:

It's directly on Times Square and looks gorgeous. So if you visit Times Square - go there!


MAC Pro Card

Today I got my renewed Mac Pro Card, as many of you may know the Pro Card is only valid for one year. After that you have to rebring proof of you being an active Make Up Artist and pay 40€.

So naturally I did that and they told me it could take up to three months for the new card to arrive, cause whatever. So I was quite lucky to get it after "only" one month.
Still I'm quite annoyed, cause there is a new rule saying that you don't get your pro discount on collections with a special packaging anymore..
Diminished my MAC To The Beach wishlist noticeably.. grr..

I thought I show you what was in the letter beside the card:


Many more posts to come!!


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

some random looks I did lately

Do you like them? If you're interested in any of these in particular I will list the products and how I made it.

I'm also on planning on starting youtube videos soon, so if you have any requests, let me know as well.


Nail Quickie's by Bipa

Again something I wanted to post for ages and now it is also posted on other blogs.. That happens when you don't publish immediately, whatever. *gg*

Those polishes are supercute and only cost 3€, they have 5 ml in them, small, but let's be honest, have you ever used up a nail polish except a base coat?

Tropical, Hot Love, Rush, Street

They have great colour pay off and normal dry-time. So I totally would recommend them to everyone who can get a hold on them.


MAC Art Supplies

Finally a new post, it's been a while, but a lot happened.

Me and my honey have been in New York as you all know, shopping until my credit card quit working, cause I reached my limit, yeah it's bad. lol

One day after we got home, in time, which was a wonder with all the volcanic ash chaos, my grandmother died.. So it's not an easy time for all of us and last but not least I took meds my body refused violently..

But enough with the rant.

I wanted to show you what I got from the Art Supplies collection and how gorgeous these products are.

I bought all the pearlglide eye liners and one greasepaint stick.

Pretty aren't they, on to the swatches. You're going to love them.

Did I promise too much, I doubt it! They are lovely to work with and have a great colour pay off and last well.

I'm gonna post at least one more post today. :-)


Saturday, 17 April 2010

I'm still alive - in NYC

I'm sorry I was gone soooooo long, I didn't forget about you or the blog, I just got a new job and it took my energy away and on monday my boyfriend and I flew to New York.

How is it? Well it's like going to a movie everyone told you is the best ever and you just sit there and don't feel that great excitement you were so sure you would feel. Too high expectations ruin everything, shopping is gorgeous though!!!

I will have a lot to blog about when I'm back :-)

Love you all,

Monday, 5 April 2010

Make Up Tutorial - Sunrise

I'm sick, but I wanted to show you what I did for you.

I will tell you what I used and how soon.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Awesome and cheap nail polish storage

I recently changed the way I keep my polishes organised, or at least the "bigger" ones that don't fit in that handy small Ikea thing.

I always wanted and still want a nail polish rack, the acrylic one, but you can't get it anywhere here or even in Germany.. So I decided to do something that comes close to it..

That is it:

Isn't that pure gorgeousness??

It is from Ikea and called Ribba and one of those costs only 6€, I mean it's not soo cheap, but on those fit two rows of nail polishes, so you have a lot more space than in the acrylic ones. 26 China Glaze polishes have space in one row.

They are available in black and white and in several lengths. I really like them. I placed those exactly over my computer where I can always see them.

So how do you like them?? I always love to read comments from you.


MAC's limited editions April 2010

Liberty of London, Prep for Colour and Art Supplies

Those three are the current limited editions in Austria. As always Europe is a month back, though we got Art Supplies at the same time as the US, which quite surprised me.

I made two pics, I forgot to take a picture of Prep for Colour but believe me, you don't miss anything..

I'm going to make a haul post soon and show you what I got.

I so wanted to buy more of Liberty of London, but this collection got no pro discount (stupid MAC) and with me being soon in New York my credit card will suffer enough. Was quite hard though...

I know you all probably saw the displays a ton of times on other blogs or temptalia (like me), but I wanted to post them nevertheless. :-)


Essence Nail Stamping Sets

I bought them some time ago and finally came around to take some pictures.

They sell two sets, which contains the scraper, stamper and an image plate with 7 images.



The inside:

First image plate set:

Second one, unfortunately the plastic cover left a stain, which I'll try to remove with alcohol.

But the images are free of stains, so what the hell.

Those sets retail for about 3€ which is an amazing deal for the stamping tools and one image plate. I definitely would recommend them. :-)