Friday, 2 April 2010

Awesome and cheap nail polish storage

I recently changed the way I keep my polishes organised, or at least the "bigger" ones that don't fit in that handy small Ikea thing.

I always wanted and still want a nail polish rack, the acrylic one, but you can't get it anywhere here or even in Germany.. So I decided to do something that comes close to it..

That is it:

Isn't that pure gorgeousness??

It is from Ikea and called Ribba and one of those costs only 6€, I mean it's not soo cheap, but on those fit two rows of nail polishes, so you have a lot more space than in the acrylic ones. 26 China Glaze polishes have space in one row.

They are available in black and white and in several lengths. I really like them. I placed those exactly over my computer where I can always see them.

So how do you like them?? I always love to read comments from you.


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