Wednesday, 28 April 2010

MAC Art Supplies

Finally a new post, it's been a while, but a lot happened.

Me and my honey have been in New York as you all know, shopping until my credit card quit working, cause I reached my limit, yeah it's bad. lol

One day after we got home, in time, which was a wonder with all the volcanic ash chaos, my grandmother died.. So it's not an easy time for all of us and last but not least I took meds my body refused violently..

But enough with the rant.

I wanted to show you what I got from the Art Supplies collection and how gorgeous these products are.

I bought all the pearlglide eye liners and one greasepaint stick.

Pretty aren't they, on to the swatches. You're going to love them.

Did I promise too much, I doubt it! They are lovely to work with and have a great colour pay off and last well.

I'm gonna post at least one more post today. :-)


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