Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Butter London - Two Fingered Salute

Yesterday, I finally found "Two Fingered Salute" by Butter London. It is such a freakishly unique colour it's crazy:

How beautiful is this polish? Mint with bronze particles,  a gorgeous combination! It was opaque after one coat, but out of habit I did two. If you can spare 18€, get it!


Our freaky Tuesday..

Hey guys,

Before I continue my UK week - I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but we were in such a hurry.

We're back in Vienna :-( and it might sound simple to drive that one hour from Retz to Vienna, but doing this with four cats and one dog is like a day long journey.. Since our cats hate driving in a car we got them some calm-down medicine, but obviously the dose our vet recommended was way too high..

This resulted in four highly drugged cats who still looked like that at the evening even though we gave them their medicine at 2 pm.. We had a horrible night - full of cat meows.

I focused on cleaning our place in Retz and trying to give our cats a calming atmosphere before the "journey" and medicine, so my husband ended up packing our stuff. Big mistake!

Here is the evidence - a crime only a man can commit:

He just threw my brushes in our bag, just like that, no protection, nothing. I couldn't believe it..

It literally hurt me seeing my make up and tools like that. It's a wonder nothing broke, just think about what mess the Kryolan powder could have done.

What a day.. Ever had such an experience with your other half? I'll never say "pack my make up" ever again!


Monday, 29 July 2013

UK, I miss you!

Most of you know about my UK obsession. I have a weird relationship with this country, like I've lived there in a former life. I love it so much. Especially, when I'm in Edinburgh it always feels like I'm coming home in some weird way. Quite eery.

Long story short, this week, way overdue - especially regarding the arrival of Prince George - my posts will be about the UK and their beauty products. :-)

For starters: A quick and affordable way to get a bit London into your home. *gg*

3D puzzles can be a real pain in the ass.. *gg* ..but once finished they look gorgeous.

Tomorrow, I'll post about the amazing UK Glossybox. :-)


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Essence Me & My Ice Cream

I don't know how, but for some reason I missed the release of this cute collection. So, I was more than happy to still get the nail top stickers and the cream blush I read so many ravings about. 

I didn't test it yet, but I hope it lives up to the great reviews I read about it. Did you buy something?


Friday, 26 July 2013

Royal Canin Bear Abuse Scandal and Suffering Fiaker Horses

This post is not about beauty. It's about animals that need our help.

I love animals, I have six pets myself, which some of you know, and I would do everything for them. Spend my last penny, sell all my make up. Everything. They are part of my family.

Today, there are two things I wanna talk about. Especially about the scandal with Royal Canin. Recently, pictures and videos were found that show bears hunted and abused by wild dogs for fun, sponsored by Royal Canin! And not for the first time, they sponsored a similar event in 2012 as well.

I'm sure everyone who owns a pets and even most of the people who don't know Royal Canin. It's a large dog and cat food company, selling their products all over the world.

I've been a loyal customer for many years myself and that it is one of the reasons I feel so betrayed. They fooled me into believing that they are a good company. There is a petition which one can sign to increase the pressure on Royal Canin to truly take resonposibility, you can sign it here, please, please do. It only takes a minuted, costs nothing and might make a change.

I hate them so much for doing this, I wish they would all be shackled to a post as well and bitten for fun.

The other thing I wanna talk about are the Fiaker horses that are carrying around tourists through the center of Vienna every day. If you ever visited Vienna you know them and horses like them are in most big cities. I've seen them in New York for example too. In the hot months they are forced to stand in the sun all day without regular availability to food or water. Vier Pfoten has a petition for them as well, which you can sign here.

I don't wanna force anyone to do something, but it costs nothing, just a few minutes of your time.

I'm not perfect, but I do what I can to support animals. At the moment I'm trying to become a Vegan for example which is harder than I expected and from time to time when my account allows it my husband an I buy food and give it to the Wiener Tierschutzverein where hundreds of animals are waiting to find a new home. I prefer giving actual things like food or other supplies, because that way I know it will truly be of use.

I love my animals so much. Animals are pure and deserve our help, cause they can't speak for themselves. They need us to fight for their rights. So, let's try to do what we can. I'm sure some of you skipped this post, but for those who didn't, for you that read it til the end. I thank and hug you.

Valerie, Heaven, Chloe, Amy, Aristoteles, Kronos, Bartagami

Manhattan Super Nail Swatches

First two swatches of my Manhattan haul:

Glow it Up

Nectarine Power

I love them.

Glow it up was almost opaque after one coat, Nectarine Power took three to be perfectly opaque though. Drying time was good on these. Nectarine Power is prettier in real life than in the photos.

I definitely recommend getting them!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Manhattan Super Nails

When I saw the promo pictures of Manhattans new collection "Super Nails" I immediately fell in love.. They are sooo gorgeous, so I couldn't resist getting some when I saw the display in my favorite Müller store.

Here is the whole drugstore haul, but today I'll focus on the gorgeous Manhattan LE.

I wanted to buy all of them and while I think 4,99€ are an okay prize, I still decided to try and stay strong. Those are the ones I had to buy:

Suberb Sparkle

Glow it up!

Nectarine Power


and one of the glitter topcoats: Glitter Champion

I love this collection and I might "need" to buy the red and the blue one as well.

The quality is amazing! All of them are almost opaque with one coat, I still applied two. *g* Swatches will follow soon, very soon. I'm taking pictures today. :-)

Did you see the collection? Bought something?


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

A little while ago I received the Burt's Bees beewax lip balm. :-) Let's take a look:

It's the original lip balm which they released in 1991. It's available in a tube form and in this tin. It smells super nice and feels comfortable. It's full of vitamin E and peppermint oil.

It gives you a really cooling, refreshing feeling. Makes it quite interesting for men. My husband stole it and now he can't find it anymore..

I found it really hard to get enough product on my lips. It's a bit weird. The other thing is the tin design. It's not really sanitary. It's a good product, but my favorite Burt's Bees lip balm is the Ultra Conditioning one:

It's easier to use, more sanitary and really moisturizes my lips. If you prefer the cool peppermint feeling - the beewax lip balm is also avaiable in a tube. :)

Do you own a Burt's Bees lip balm? Which one??


Tchibo Beauty Collection Available!

Look what I saw two days ago in a Tchibo store. The huge Beauty Collection arrived. :) I reviewed some items here.

I find so many products of this collection interesting. The powder pearls, the eyebrow set and of course the big beauty case. Most of the products have testers, unfortunately not the big sets..

Will you get something?


Monday, 22 July 2013

Glossybox Le Grand Bleu-Edition

I'm a little late with this post, but with the wedding and all of that I hope you can forgive me. *gg* 

It's Glossybox time! This month it's all about summer, sun and the ocean. Look at that cute design. I love special packaging..

This month Glossybox really nailed it. There's not one item I wasn't excited about. Especially, the strand nixe spray by got2b is a little something I wanted to try for ages.

A baby nails inc. polish and what a pretty colour!

Brook Street - what a perfect summer shade

Lash Curlers! How cool, my lash perm slowly starts to fade so I'm curious how this one by Emite will perfom.

This suns screen by Daylong saved us yesterday. We totally forgot ours in Vienna and were happy to have something to protect us at the lake. It absorbed quickly and felt nice.

Another something I was really happy with. A cooling foot gel with menthol and eucalyptus. I love the scent. It sinks into the skin and cools you feet and legs, just the right thing during summer.

All together:

My opinion:

I love this box. It's everything the Glossybox should be - full of amazing things to try out, perfectly adapted to the season. I'm really happy with it. :)
I will let you know my thoughts on the lash curler and the got2b spray soon.