Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Threading Addicted

I have a new addiction - theading. I love it!!

I got my eyebrows threaded at Belma's spontaneously two weeks ago, cause the woman next to me got hers done (I only once tried it at a Boots in Edinburgh) and I just wanted to try it again and I looooved the result sooo much!

I loved it so much that I got them done two days ago again. Sadly, Belma's salon is quite far away from me and after searching two hours online I just went to the Turkish hairdresser nearby on the off chance they might do threading and they did!!

Just what I needed *gg* Look at that flawless result.

On the 16th, one day before my wedding, I'll get them done again. So looking forward to it. *gg*

Ever tried threading?


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