Sunday, 14 July 2013

I got a Lash Perm!

Only three more days - aaaaaaahhhh. I'll do my own make up on my weddig day and to make everything as bulletproof as possible I decided to get a lash perm! Yes, that exists. A treatment that permanently curls your lashes.

I heard about it years ago, but never tried it. I knew Make Up Bine offered it, so I booked an appointment. Let's look at some photos.


It looks pretty funny, you get a "roll" on your lashes which is sealed onto them with a solution, after ten minutes another solution is added. After 20 minutes you remove them and thanks to the ingredients of the "glue" you have perfectly formed lashes for the next few weeks.


Bine, her cute little dog and me "freshly permed" :-)

Some good photos (with mascara on) which show you the wonderful result

Its not the most affordable treatment, it cost me 35€. I had some serious watering going on which made the solution burn in my eyes, but the result is sooo beautiful. I love it!

It might be too expensive to get it done every few weeks, but for special occassions this is perfect.

Have you ever tried it?


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Reklamedame said...

Witzig, ich war erst vor ner Woche dort, schon das zweite Mal! Ich find das Ergebnis toll!