Monday, 8 July 2013

L'Oréal Super Liner Blackbuster & Look

Isn't it always exciting to see new products in stores. I love it. 

L'Oréal just released their Super Liner Blackbuster eyeliner, which is basically a felt tip pen for your eyes.

It' quite big, but has a fine tip..

which makes drawing fine lines really simple.

It can be really handy to have such a liner, especially when you're travelling. It's easy to use and not messy.

One thing and you can see this above and on my look, is that those felt tip pens (which have the colour "inside") never give you a truly black line. It's black, but not opaque. Know what I mean?

The other thing is that as long as it's dry it lasted all day without moving, but on another day when it was super hot and humid the colour transfered on to my upper lid..

Here's my look:

  • Pros: it was easy to handle and one was able to draw thin lines
  • Cons: moves when it get's hot/humid and doesn't give you a true black line


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