Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Wedding Day

Yesterday, I got married. It was one of the most perfect and beautiful days of my life. Some pictures

The first thing was the hairdresser appointment.

A little later it was time for make up. I decided to do my own, it was a bit nerve-racking, but it worked out great. Nevertheless, it took a lot more time than usual. *gg*

Here you can see my hair, I wish I could have let it open, but it was too hot.



Finished look:

It was an incredible day and my parents and sister had some unbelievable surprises for us. Here are a few impressions:

My unbelievable joy and surprise when I saw a bagpipe player coming towards us.

Another surprise that blew me away..

We had such a drama with the wedding cake, but in the end we had a beautiful one given to us by Honey's dad.

My sister, who planned the whole day and definitely should do it professional gave every guest a card and they wrote wishes on it for us. :)

Bridal bouquet catching time:

There were so many beautiful moments and we had the luck to have our friend Paula capture all of them. Thanks again my dear. 

So if you ask me if it was worth the stress, I can tell you yes!, but it wouldn't have been that special and extrordinary without my parents and sister who did all the decoration and organisation. I am so blessed to have them.

I hope you enjoyed this insight. Every time I look at my husbands or my wedding ring I have to smile and that's because of the love that surrounded us that day and hopefully will for the rest of our lives.



Allison L said...

Congrats. You look so beautiful. Looked like a very happy day for you and your husband!

Chris Tine said...

Herzliche Gratulation!!
Du bist eine wunderschöne Braut gewesen!!
Darf ich Fragen wieviele Leute ihr wart und magst du ev. Deinen Ring zeigen??
Würd mich ur interessierfn! :)

LG Chrisi

guggi0505 said...

Congratulations!! You were a really beautiful bride!!! :-)
I love the dress and you did an awesome job on your make up!


Guinevere said...

Thanks so much for the congratulations.

Of course you can - we were 63 people. I can show you the ring with my next notd post :)

Reklamedame said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ihr schaut wirklich beide sehr glücklich aus!

Madame Bonaparte said...

Gratuliere! :)

Oh wie toll, du schaust richtig happy aus :)
Dein Kleid ist der Wahnsinn und dein Look auch :)

Libminna said...

Es war wirklich ein total schöner Tag :)
Hab dich urlieb! ♥
Bussi, Eli