Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tchibo Beauty Collection

Before I'll share my wedding day with you I wanted to talk about something else.

Tchibo is known for many things, coffee of course and regularly they release handy items such as cooking accessoires. Now Tchibo is taking the next step by releasing a huge beauty collection at the end of July. It really is huge! I'm gonna show you the other items soon.

Sadly, I couldn't attend their press event, but they were so kind and sent me some of their products:

Let's start with the nail polishes:

Swatch time: While the colourful polishes are of great quality, the metallic ones are streaky. :-/

On to the glosses:

Three face masks which I didn't use yet

A perfume, which smells gorgeous. I love it.

Nail design accessoires

A make up organizer

A shower towel, designed to hold your wet hair

I'm gonna do a seperate review on the perfume, which I love. A few exceptions aside, all the products are of flawless quality.

While the normal polishes were great, the metallic nail polishes were streaky. :-( You can see every brush stroke. I was quite disappointed by the quality of the glosses. They are colourless on the lips and smell like plastic. The feel really cheap.

Thanks to Tchibo for the generous package.

PR Samples

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