Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Our freaky Tuesday..

Hey guys,

Before I continue my UK week - I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but we were in such a hurry.

We're back in Vienna :-( and it might sound simple to drive that one hour from Retz to Vienna, but doing this with four cats and one dog is like a day long journey.. Since our cats hate driving in a car we got them some calm-down medicine, but obviously the dose our vet recommended was way too high..

This resulted in four highly drugged cats who still looked like that at the evening even though we gave them their medicine at 2 pm.. We had a horrible night - full of cat meows.

I focused on cleaning our place in Retz and trying to give our cats a calming atmosphere before the "journey" and medicine, so my husband ended up packing our stuff. Big mistake!

Here is the evidence - a crime only a man can commit:

He just threw my brushes in our bag, just like that, no protection, nothing. I couldn't believe it..

It literally hurt me seeing my make up and tools like that. It's a wonder nothing broke, just think about what mess the Kryolan powder could have done.

What a day.. Ever had such an experience with your other half? I'll never say "pack my make up" ever again!



Reklamedame said...

Haha, sowas kann wirklich nur einem Man einfallen! Wir hatten mal sowas zu Silvester mit unserem Hund, er ist am nächsten Vormittag beim pinkeln umgefallen!

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