Thursday, 4 July 2013

s-he Summer Collection

A few weeks ago s-he sent me some items of their summer collection: Neon polishes and glitter flake top coats!!! 

I was so excited. Who doesn't love these top coats! They released 4 neon polishes and 4 top coats. Let's take a look at the ones I got.

How beautiful!

It was so promising and while the quality of the neon polishes is okay, not special or great, okay (these are three coats):

The quality of the glitter flakes was more than disappointing.. Gosh, they are bad.. To get this many flakes on my nails I had to do !10! coats and even with a top coat it was one uneven mess..

I know applying flake coats can be difficult at times, but this was the worst quality of top coats I've ever come across. 
It's particularly sad, because I was so excited and in the bottle they do look more than promising. In addition, the flakes are kinda junky and just don't look pretty.

Other bloggers had the same issues with them, so it's definitely not just me.. I hope s-he can do better next time or just skip those top coats in the future..