Thursday, 25 July 2013

Manhattan Super Nails

When I saw the promo pictures of Manhattans new collection "Super Nails" I immediately fell in love.. They are sooo gorgeous, so I couldn't resist getting some when I saw the display in my favorite Müller store.

Here is the whole drugstore haul, but today I'll focus on the gorgeous Manhattan LE.

I wanted to buy all of them and while I think 4,99€ are an okay prize, I still decided to try and stay strong. Those are the ones I had to buy:

Suberb Sparkle

Glow it up!

Nectarine Power


and one of the glitter topcoats: Glitter Champion

I love this collection and I might "need" to buy the red and the blue one as well.

The quality is amazing! All of them are almost opaque with one coat, I still applied two. *g* Swatches will follow soon, very soon. I'm taking pictures today. :-)

Did you see the collection? Bought something?


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