Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Advent Calender!!

Christmas is coming so it's time for sweets and treats!

A bunch of Austrian bloggers, me included, made an Advent calender just for you and on each day of December, right until christmas, you can win amazing beauty items.

Here is the incredible awesome banner with the doors. Each day you willl find behind the right door a link to the blog awaiting you with a giveaway! Mine is on the 8th.

Image Map
Looking forward to Christmas? I do!!!


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Illamasqua - Nomad

I ordered this lovely shade a while ago and absolutely love it. Two coats and it's opaque and perfect.

I love it. Definitely a shade I recommend.


Review: Essence Breaking Dawn II Pigments

Another week too busy to blog. So I'm gonna prepare a ton of posts, so there isn't such silence during the week.

Today, I wanna show you how crappy the Essence "Breaking Dawn II" pigments are. I never would have thought they are that disappointing, especially since the permanent ones are really nice!

Here are the three I bought. I'm gonna be honest with you, I forgot their names and since I was able to return them, I don't have them anymore, but I'm sure it will be okay for you:

Let's see some evidence why I was disappointed.

I know what you think, what do you mean? I'll show you.

I tried to get anything to make that gold show up, but it was futile..

The other two ended up showing some colour, but I think I had to use 6 coats to get that uneven result:

Did you buy any of them? Do you like them?


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sparkly Green

I was on the go, but I wanted to show you this simple, but still extravagant make up. It's one of Collection 2000's glitter liners which are amazing. So crazily pigmented!



Some of you might know that I'm studying German and English to become a teacher one day. Additionally, I'm planning to start an elective subject focusing on Make Up and SFX! *gg*

This semester, what a surprise, I'm learning boring and absolutely non-helpful stuff for my future. I can't say how much I wish I'd learn something useful.

For "Grammatik der Gegenwartssprache" we had to make a youtube video about verbflexion. Some serious stuff, to make it more fun we involved Kronos. Not my voice if you're wondering. I suck at viennese dialect and I'm happy about it. lol

So, if you bored, enjoy this *gg*

He was a really good boy.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pigment and Cream Shadow Storage

 I wanted to treat you and since these posts are my favorites to read on other blogs I decided to share it with you.

This is part of my make up collection and how I store those items. Please keep in mind that I didn't start collecting yesterday. I started 7 years ago.


Like? *gg*


Monday, 19 November 2012

Beauty Flea Market(s)!

It's the winter of Beauty Flea markets, okay two.. but that's definitely a lot in contrast to nothing *gg*

The first one will take place this Sunday and once again I'm going to be part of it. Here's the link to the facebook page: *click*

You can get there easily: tram: 2,30,33,31 - Bus 5A,11A Station: Friedrich Engels Platz U6 Station Handelskai + 500m on foot (or Bus 5A,11A)

I hope we'll see each other and if you don't have time, there will be another market in Dezember, which I'm gonna talk about when it's Dezember:


Sunday, 18 November 2012

London Haul

I was truly proud of my restraint *gg* I only got things I really wanted and I'm completely happy with them. You should have seen my haul when I first went to America.. Shocking!

Two Sleek palettes - "Shangri-Laa" and "Ultra Mattes Brights". 
A back-up of the Real Techniques stippling brush and finally the Real Techniques blush brush I wanted for ages. 
Ilamasqua skin base in 4.5 and two of their gorgeous polishes "Charisma" and "Nomad". 
A Rimmel polish which was free and looks pretty awesome.

The new Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer and a compact one. I looove them!! Gonne review them pretty soon.

It's kind of a tradition to buy a Marks & Spencer bag and this was it, so cute:

Since, I'm gonna review all of these items I'm sure you don't mind the late night crap lighting.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm back from London!

We came back on Tuesday night, but the week was so stressful, I didn't find time to write something proper. But I'm happy and proud to say that I did and pass my last Steop exam, the one I've been avoiding for two years!

I'm gonna show you some, well.. a ton of pics from London and in the next post my haul. :-)

The first day was full of sun..

I never took cheesy photos, so I did this time.

We went to Hamleys which is a five storey high toy store, simply incredible! They did a show before opening, I wanted to cuddle that bear so much.. *gg*

Full of amazing stuff, I could have bought a ton of items. Especially this, but 250 pounds was a bit much:

See the sign, they are already counting til it's christmas, so adorable..

Even the royal family was there:

I could have been in there all day.. Sadly, Flo didn't like that *gg*


M&M World, which is new and as cool as the one in New York:

Breaking Dawn was everywhere!

London at night, lovely:

I love the ads in London, they always have the coolest. 

Finally, I need to show you some photos of my favorite place in London, The London Aquarium. If you visit London, you must go there!

This is my favorite food in the UK, I eat it everytime we visit:

For the finale, something fun :-)

London and I will be seeing each other soon, but definitely without my fiancée. *gg* Half the time he was waiting in front of drugstores or Primark, he wasn't that happy about it. 

I was a very good girl shoppingwise. I will show you next.