Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review: Essence Breaking Dawn II Pigments

Another week too busy to blog. So I'm gonna prepare a ton of posts, so there isn't such silence during the week.

Today, I wanna show you how crappy the Essence "Breaking Dawn II" pigments are. I never would have thought they are that disappointing, especially since the permanent ones are really nice!

Here are the three I bought. I'm gonna be honest with you, I forgot their names and since I was able to return them, I don't have them anymore, but I'm sure it will be okay for you:

Let's see some evidence why I was disappointed.

I know what you think, what do you mean? I'll show you.

I tried to get anything to make that gold show up, but it was futile..

The other two ended up showing some colour, but I think I had to use 6 coats to get that uneven result:

Did you buy any of them? Do you like them?


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