Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lush Event "Fun"

A few days ago Lush invited to a kneading party at their store on Mariahilferstraße. :-)

It was about a new multipurpose product called "Fun". It's a knead that you can use for showering, bathing and even washing your hair!

Talk about developing something really cool. This is the dream for every family with kids. They come in five different colours and scents. All of them are vegan:

Now let's see some photos of the event and what we kneaded. 

Looks like fun, right? It was. *gg* As soon as you get the product a little wet you can form everything you want. 

Unfortunately, I truly suck at such thing, so I ended up just using the two forms which were available. Truly creative..

It was a great event and the product is definitely fun. In Austria, it costs 9,95€, but you only need tiny amounts of product. Just peel off a little and start your party. 

This is a great christmas present for kids and those of you who just love to have fun like a child again. :-) I'll use it later today after working out. Relly curious how my star will perform. :-)



Pink Bunny said...

woaw I wanna have one of these !

Guinevere said...

you should get your little angel one!

Allison L said...

I bought the red and green one yesterday. They are less expensive in the US and I'm loving the product. Because you really get a lot and you only need a little bit.