Monday, 5 November 2012

Gosh - Galaxy

Hello lovelies, having a nice Monday??

I have one of those where I could sleep all day. Sadly, work and Uni don't care. *gg*

I've seen this nail polish and swatches on several british blogs and knew I had to buy it. It's sooo pretty. Let's take a look:

Not just plain black and gold, no, you have purple and blue particles too. 

The "only" bad thing is the time it takes to dry. It had approximately 40 minutes, cause I had to work on my laptop and I still ended up having little smudges after touching fabric etc. Really annoying! For a polish which costs almost 10€ one could expect more. It's limited edition, so if you like it, better grab it quick. 

It is definitely a beautiful nail polish and every person has different nails, but keep in mind that it might need ages to dry. 


1 comment:

Patricia said...

Oh der sieht toll aus!
Ich hatte ihn gestern in Hand, aber hab ihn dann doch nicht mitgenommen :)
Muss wohl wieder retour ;)
Schau mal bei mir rein, würde mich freuen!
Ich folge dir jetzt, wirklich super Blog!
LG Patricia