Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Weight Loss Update

Sorry for the silence, but Uni is still eating up all my time.. Can't wait for the christmas holidays. *g*

I just wanted to give you a quick update. I, finally, found my rhythm again and am back on my Weight Watchers diet. In addition, I work out every day on my crosstrainer for about 30 minutes.

I lost 2 more kg by now. I've been slowly trying on clothes I didn't fit in for a long time and so far all of them fit. :-)

Here's a picture of a winter coat I bought about two years ago, but never wore cause it ended up being too tight.

I know, no make up, glasses and a messy room, but at the moment it feels like I'm just running from work to Uni and inbetween I walk Kronos. I'm too tired to care. *gg*

Nevertheless, it feels great to finally fit in this coat and I know there's still a lot to loose, but I'm on my way. :-)


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