Thursday, 1 November 2012

Look By Bipa "Magical Skin LE"

At the moment, there are so many amazing drugstore limited editions released, it's crazy.. I'm gonna do a post about it next.

One of them is definitely from Look by Bipa:

There are three face powders (left side) and two blushes, a rose and a peach one. And look at the shape they gave the products!! You can use them wet and dry, which might be handy for the powder :-).

I got the peach blush, cause the rosa one looked really plain. 

It's named "Peachy Pearl" and looks soo cool.

It took me quite some overcoming to use it for swatches:

It's sheer, but buildable. This swatch above is three layers. 

It's such an amazing item, I mean simply the look of that blush makes it worth buying. At least, for me. *g* That it works nicely is a good benefit too. ;-)

They cost 3,99€ for those of you who are interested.



Diorella said...

Wow, die Blushes sehen so hübsch aus! Werde morgen wohl einen Bipa aufsuchen müssen :)

Lu Maquiyonkis said...

Looks gorgeous!

Sarah said...

boah ich bin verliebt, die werd ich mir auf jedenfall ansehen!!

Guinevere said...


NIKA said...

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Guinevere said...

if you tell me how to follow it, I will gg no follow via.. button