Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Origins Christmas Sets

Origins is releasing a bunch of lovely christmas sets. Perfect as a gift or for testing several of their products. :-)

We have: 

"Protect and Preserve. A Perfect World"
A perfect gift for someone who wants to try the lovely "A Perfect World" series. It costs 59€

"Be Bright"

Everything that gives your skin a lovely glow. It costs 96,50€

"Ginger Treats"

I love the ginger range. The products smell sooo divine. Perfect treat for winter. Price: 34€

Another ginger set including the perfume "Ginger Ways". Price: 55€

"Go Ginger". This one is perfect if you wanna try it, but not spend too much: 24,50€

Another incredible series: "Grapefruit Duo". I love the smell, I could use it all the time. Price: 24,50€

The Dr. Weil series for sensitive skin. "Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skincare
Collection". The whole set for 89€

If you wanna treat your man: "Men's Travel Buddies". Men can be pretty resisted, at least my man is, but if it's fancy he'll use it, believe me. Price: 39,50€

Another gorgeous set, love this one, brightening, and refreshing: "Morning to Night". Price: 79€

Something to halt aging. :-)  "A New Age" Price: 79€

If you wanna really treat yourself or your friends, get this one. "Origins Greats" for 89€.

"Peace of Mind Set"

This one is perfect for little headaches and when everything is too much. 14€ and this little miracle is yours.

Those are so amazing. I wish I could have them all. I love Origins so much and if you wanna get to know their products those sets are perfect.

If I'd be rich, I'd go to an Origins counter and buy EVERYTHING. *gg*



Vicky said...

Oh ich liebe Origins. Die Sets sind wirklich toll, muss mir aber noch überlegen, welches ich mir kaufe.
War lustig gestern bei Lush zu basteln und dich kennen zu lernen :)
lg Vicky

Barb Brussels said...

We dont have Sephora in Belgium...buuuuu
And we dont have Origins counter either! This sucks