Saturday, 27 October 2012

Catrice Big City Life Le

I was quite surprised when I saw this in my favorite Müller. Thought it would take longer until it would be released.

I saw this right after an amazing job interview, which I can't talk about, but I felt great, so I got two of the palettes which I truly don't need..

I got the "Paris" and the "Shanghai" palette.



Wat do you think?? Will get them? 

I thought about returning them, but what the hell. I'm broke already, but I can honesty say I didn't use my money for crap all month (so far lol). I used it for food (gosh it's expensive. I'm shocked again and again). The vet, cause Kronos decided to get sick again, so it never gets boring and glasses..



Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Really nice Blog.
I really like Catrice :)

Würde mich freuen, wenn du mal bei mir vorbeischaust, bin neu und kann unterstützung brauchen:)

Ich folge dir :)

LG Patricia

Barb Brussels said...

Hi there,i just discovered your blog and will be definitely coming back!
I got the new york palette btw;)