Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maybelline Dream Sun Haul & Swatches

As promised, here's my haul and some swatches of the bronzer. :)

Coral Heat polish and Bronzed Tropics bronzer

Let's start with the bronzer:

Swatch time - I gotta admit I was quite disappointed with the colour pay-off. What you see below is really heavily swatched! I haven't used it with a brush, so I'll still give it a shot before I say it sucks.

The beautiful polish "Coral Heat":

Swatches of the polish will follow soon. I love the polish and I won't give up on the bronzer just yet, but think twice about it if you wanna buy it.


Monday, 26 May 2014

Maybelline Jade Dream Sun Collection

I saw this on Saturday and immediately fell in love with this collection, especially the bronzers.. I'm actually not sure if it's called Dream Sun or Summer Sun, but you know which LE I mean.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

The LE has six Color Show polishes, three of them are limited edition ones named "Bleached Neons".

Let's look at the pretty bronzers again.

I bought one bronzer and polish. I'll show you my haul soon. :) What do you think of this collection???


Review: Maybelline "Brow Drama" Brow Gel

Hello lovelies!

I bought this a little while back and now it's time for a review, but before I talk about it - let's see some pictures. 

It has a funny brush

Nothing on:

wearing Brow Drama:

Looks quite good, right?

I really like it! I'm currently a little obsessed with my brows and this is a great product! The front of the brush with the ball shape is good for the beginning and the smaller part is great for using after the arch.

It's done really fast and simple as well which is another plus. So, my verdict - a great product. I'm happy I bought it. :)


Friday, 23 May 2014

What's in my Beauty Bag - Hospital Edition

Yep, I'm in the hospital, I've been here since last Thursday and by now I'm quite okay with it. I hate hospitals so it wasn't easy to come here.

I didn't have an accident, so no broken bones to worry about, the rest is private, but I thought it would be a refreshing twist to the usual "What's in my bag" *gg* and if you ever have to pack a "beauty" bag for the hospital this might give you a few ideas.

Here we go:

Let's start!

Of course I brought my skin care products, everything is from Origins. GinZing eye cream and Dr. Weil Mega-Bright face cream for the morning and Plantscription eye and face cream for the night :)

I also brought some make up, my essentials so to speak. I knew before I came here that I'm not going to wear any, but I still wanted to have them with me. 

The new Maybelline Miss Manga mascara (review comes very soon), the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick, Catrice Pure Chrome eye shadow, Catrice waterproof Liquid Liner and the gorgeous Anastasia Brow Wiz.

For those long hours here I had to bring some polishes *gg* A mini nail polish remover pot I bought in Edinburgh, a Holo Catrice polish, and a pretty Barry M and Color Club shade. A base coat had to be there as well. 

Hair & Body products.. I've been using these two Biolage products for months now, I have to review them, one is a Keratin spray and the other one a hair oil. My Aussie mini shampoo. The shower gel from the last Glossybox which smells amazing! My bullet proof deo - Dove Maximum Protection and a lovely Body Shop body butter. 

This was a must-take as well. My Tangle Teezer dental items, tooth paste, tooth brush and of course my Orabrush:

Last but not least I brought some other stuff one needs: razor, eye drops, tweezers and brow former, nail file, a stain remover pen and ALWAYS bring Ohropax!! 

Sadly, I've been to the hospital quite a few times already and there is always somebody who snores like there's no tomorrow!

I realized I didn't review a lot of my favorites.. I'll need to change that, but for now - I hope this was interesting. :) Have a great day!


Review: Origins GinZing

Origins released a new GinZing prodiuct - the Gin Zing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser. I was really excited to try this. I love their GinZing range!

Here's Origins description:

This 2 in 1 scrubby cleanser is fortified with radiance-boosting Panax Ginseng and Caffeine.  Jojoba and Carnauba Wax gently exfoliate to help unclog pores.  Skin looks smoother, brighter.  Feels perfectly refreshed and squeaky clean.  Plus, our uplifting 100% natural essential oil blend of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint perks you up so you're ready to face the day!

What do I think?

I love the scent, it's that typical orangy GinZing scent which is just divine. I liked the scrub a lot, but it's definitely a once-a-week product for me. Even though it says one can use it on a daily basis, it's still a scrub and for my sensitive skin it's too much to use daily, but I'm definitely gonna use it this one time a week. :)


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Origins Recycling Day

Today is one of those days you can't miss! Origins Recycling Day!!!

This year you can get a full size Origins Night-a-Mins cream. I love it, I reviewed it already.

I love that they encourage people to recycle. I'm a huge fan of Origins in general, I use their products on a daily basis and don't wanna ever be without them again.

You can find all my posts about Origins and their products here: *click*

The stores participating are:

Douglas, Kärntnerstrasse 17, 1010 Wien
Douglas, Europark, Europastrasse 1, 5018 Salzburg
Kastner & Öhler, Sackstrasse 7 – 13, 8020 Graz

Get yours while you can!


H&M Make Up Haul

When I think about H&M Make Up and beauty products, only a very small range comes to mind, so I was quite surprised when I saw this at my last visit:

The polishes!!

There was even another shelf. I could have bought a ton of stuff, but I restrained myself and only got this gorgeous looking blush:

How pretty is this? It was only about 4€. Not sure if I'm gonna use it soon though, it's just too pretty.. *gg*


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review: Maybelline Jade Age Eraser Concealer

Sooo, it's time for a review. :-)

Let's see some pictures: On the left side I'm wearing the concealer on the other side is nothing. 


So, what do I think??

In the photos I'm not wearing any foundation, it's just the concealer under my eyes. You twist the red top until the concealer comes out. I'm okay with that, because only I use it and my skin isn't oily. But for some of you, this might be a no-go.

I gotta say I thought it would have more coverage. It has some, but it didn't blow me away.. It makes a little difference, but nothing that was exceptional. I prefer my other concealers, like the Collection 2000 one or the Full Coverage concealer by MAC. 

Sadly, I'm not one of the many bloggers who is swooning over it. Maybe I expected too much since it got so many great reviews. Nevertheless, it's my experience. Maybe it's helpful. :)


Monday, 19 May 2014

New Maybelline Display

The last time I visited Müller I was impressed by the Maybelline Jade display. At least for me their brow and liner shelf is new, I never noticed it before. I think it's so cool, because all the products have a displayed item.

Let's take a look:

Another new thing I find really awesome is the new "find your mascara" system:

All the mascaras they have are displayed with an image, in which you see the effect. I wouldn't take it for granted that you will have this result, but I think the idea is really cool.

Like their display??


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Review: Essence Minis 2 Go - Deo Wipes

Summer is coming and with that heat and sweat. I hate sweating and I'm sure we've all experienced that horrible feeling when you realise your deo has lost its effect..

Usually it happens when it couldn't be more inconvenient.. Before an exam, before you meet somebody or just during the day when you can't get near a shower for another few hours.

So, when I saw these I was truly excited. I'm no fan of carrying around a lot of stuff. I never take make up with me, at most some spectacle cloths.

Long story short, do they work?

Yes!!! It's amazing, I wiped my armpits with one cloth, one side per arm and I was "smell-free" for the rest of the day.

You get 15 cloths in one package and it's teeny tiny, so no problem to take it with you. I love it!!

You can get it at the big Essence displays at Müller. It's in one of the carousels at the bottom. It's 1€ something, so definitely affordable. I'm a big fan.

Have you tried them??


Friday, 16 May 2014

Glossybox Festival Edition

My mum's Glossyebox arrived two days ago and of course I couldn't resist taking a look and a bunch of photos. Here we go:

A solid box, right? :)

Color Club "Bright Night" polish - I love this shade!

Glem Vital "Fresh it Up" hair oil

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream

être belle - lip peeling

Alpienne shower gel

Daylong 30SPF sun screen gel

As an additional goodie, because there were some delivery issues one got coloured Ohropax.. I gotta say I find this a bit weird, Ohropax in a beauty box?? But after all it's a festival box, so it makes sense.

I really like this box, I already stole some of the items from my mum. *gg*

The Body Shop Vitamine E cream is gorgeous and I also fell in love with the lip peeling, it's not too harsh and feels nice. Just want I wanted, luckily mum didn't need a lip peeling. 

My mum also gave me the polish which is another highlight of the box in my opinion. I love the colour. The hair oil is nice, but we've seen so many hair oils in the boxes. It's better than a hair spray which is something I can't see anymore, but I think a hair shampoo/dry shampoo would have been better, considering it's a festival box.

I haven't tried the shower gel, but it smells nice and you always need shower gels, the sun screen is another good item I think. Summer is coming (right now it feels like fall in Vienna) and one always should wear sun protection!

Well and for the Ohropax.. For a festival box it's a good item, but it is supposed to be an additional treat and Ohropax don't feel like a treat to me. Another thing I'm wondering, how many who order the box really go to festivals? I don't think it's the majority.

But overall, I found the box really cool. I'm gonna use the polish now. :)

Products stolen from my mum *gg*