Friday, 23 May 2014

What's in my Beauty Bag - Hospital Edition

Yep, I'm in the hospital, I've been here since last Thursday and by now I'm quite okay with it. I hate hospitals so it wasn't easy to come here.

I didn't have an accident, so no broken bones to worry about, the rest is private, but I thought it would be a refreshing twist to the usual "What's in my bag" *gg* and if you ever have to pack a "beauty" bag for the hospital this might give you a few ideas.

Here we go:

Let's start!

Of course I brought my skin care products, everything is from Origins. GinZing eye cream and Dr. Weil Mega-Bright face cream for the morning and Plantscription eye and face cream for the night :)

I also brought some make up, my essentials so to speak. I knew before I came here that I'm not going to wear any, but I still wanted to have them with me. 

The new Maybelline Miss Manga mascara (review comes very soon), the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick, Catrice Pure Chrome eye shadow, Catrice waterproof Liquid Liner and the gorgeous Anastasia Brow Wiz.

For those long hours here I had to bring some polishes *gg* A mini nail polish remover pot I bought in Edinburgh, a Holo Catrice polish, and a pretty Barry M and Color Club shade. A base coat had to be there as well. 

Hair & Body products.. I've been using these two Biolage products for months now, I have to review them, one is a Keratin spray and the other one a hair oil. My Aussie mini shampoo. The shower gel from the last Glossybox which smells amazing! My bullet proof deo - Dove Maximum Protection and a lovely Body Shop body butter. 

This was a must-take as well. My Tangle Teezer dental items, tooth paste, tooth brush and of course my Orabrush:

Last but not least I brought some other stuff one needs: razor, eye drops, tweezers and brow former, nail file, a stain remover pen and ALWAYS bring Ohropax!! 

Sadly, I've been to the hospital quite a few times already and there is always somebody who snores like there's no tomorrow!

I realized I didn't review a lot of my favorites.. I'll need to change that, but for now - I hope this was interesting. :) Have a great day!


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