Friday, 16 May 2014

Glossybox Festival Edition

My mum's Glossyebox arrived two days ago and of course I couldn't resist taking a look and a bunch of photos. Here we go:

A solid box, right? :)

Color Club "Bright Night" polish - I love this shade!

Glem Vital "Fresh it Up" hair oil

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream

être belle - lip peeling

Alpienne shower gel

Daylong 30SPF sun screen gel

As an additional goodie, because there were some delivery issues one got coloured Ohropax.. I gotta say I find this a bit weird, Ohropax in a beauty box?? But after all it's a festival box, so it makes sense.

I really like this box, I already stole some of the items from my mum. *gg*

The Body Shop Vitamine E cream is gorgeous and I also fell in love with the lip peeling, it's not too harsh and feels nice. Just want I wanted, luckily mum didn't need a lip peeling. 

My mum also gave me the polish which is another highlight of the box in my opinion. I love the colour. The hair oil is nice, but we've seen so many hair oils in the boxes. It's better than a hair spray which is something I can't see anymore, but I think a hair shampoo/dry shampoo would have been better, considering it's a festival box.

I haven't tried the shower gel, but it smells nice and you always need shower gels, the sun screen is another good item I think. Summer is coming (right now it feels like fall in Vienna) and one always should wear sun protection!

Well and for the Ohropax.. For a festival box it's a good item, but it is supposed to be an additional treat and Ohropax don't feel like a treat to me. Another thing I'm wondering, how many who order the box really go to festivals? I don't think it's the majority.

But overall, I found the box really cool. I'm gonna use the polish now. :)

Products stolen from my mum *gg*

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Pink Bunny said...

I've almost finish my first tube of the daylong sunscreen in 50 spf and this is great, I don't need to put any moisturiser and it doesn't leave any white trace