Thursday, 28 February 2013

Illamasqua Giveaway!!

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for the gorgeous Obsess nail polish:

Simply go to this post: *click* and enter!

Good luck!


Monday, 25 February 2013

Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Hearts

Marks and Spencer released a new LE right before Valentine's Day. I couldn't resist buying those two in Edinburgh.

Multi Blush:

There's also this bronzing set with a brush: 

I haven't used it so far, but doesn't it look lovely?


Review: BB Cream Blemish Balm Eye Roll-On

Garnier is extending their BB range:

And the newest family member is the eye roll-on. Let's take a closer look:

It's a handy size.

When I saw the colour I was a bit worried, but it blended quite well into my skin:

Before I'll tak about it, some swatches. The first time I distributed it quite generously beneath my eye area..

If you look close, it's not such a perfect result. It was visible on every area that didn't have the blue undertone. I didn't really see it before the close up, so it's probably not a big deal, but it annoyed me.

So, the next time, I really tried to only use it where its needed and look how lovely it turned out:

My opinion:

It's a gorgeous product as long as you are precise. It's perfect to take with you and touch up whenever you feel the need to. I didn't while I wore it.

It's creamy and goes on without troubles, but you won't ever need to use the rollerball, or to put it differently, don't do it. It's definitely enough to only let the ball touch your under eye area and you have enough product.
I used it with my fingers and it worked great. I'm sure a brush will give you even better results.

I'm definitely a fan, it's a great concealer and comes in a handy packaging.

Product was given for review, thanks :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Illamasqua - Mottle

I have a swatch for you. It's a pretty cool colour, but with every polish with particles in it, it gets difficult to get it even.

You know how these polishes are hard to remove. You have no idea how a pain in the ass it is..

The colour was gone after removing it, but the rest stayed on. ..And on..

I'm actually a little scared to use the other colours..


Illamasqua Nail Polish Haul

When I saw the new I'mperfection collection I couldn't resist, but order some of those. Since Rainbow got permanent I had to get it too and to get free shipping I got a set as well..

I know I'm an addict.. *gg* Here we go:

Mottle, Freckle, Speckle


Glitterati, Viridian

Did you resist the new collection??


Friday, 22 February 2013

SS2013 Giveaway!!!

Hey my dear ones,

It's time for another giveaway. The new semester starts soon and so I thought, why not get some colour on your nails!

You can win this incredible awesome Illamasqua Obsess nail polish:

I love this colour, it's just what one needs when the weather is cold and snowy!

The giveaway ends on 01. March 2013 at midnight.

You just need to be a follower and leave a comment under this post telling me where you're from. I'm so curious! The giveaway is open worldwide!

Good luck!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OPI Mariah Swatches

 Another polish post *gg*. No worries, the next posts are all about make up. I bought that set at the airport in Edinburgh:

Swatch time!!

From left to right:  Stay the Night, The Impossible, Get Your Number, Can't Let Go

They have a so called "sand" finish. I thought it will just be like any other matte drying glitter polish, but no. It really does has a sand-like finish!! It's so awesome. Normally, I don't like matte glitter, but this one is gorgeous just the way it is.

The upper swatch is with top coat, the lower without.

I wasn't able to capture it right, it looks like black lava with red fire shimmering through. Simply amazing!

I have a swatch display of the whole collection as well.

So what do you think? I love the collection. The other colours aren't so special, but still lovely.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Rimmel Cocktail Swatches

A couple of days ago I showed you my nail polish heavy haul from Edinburgh. Today I'm gonna focus on the lovely Rimmel Cocktail shades. 

From left to right: Baby Bellini, Shirley Temple, Hawaiian Punch

Close up time: 

Baby Bellini, this is my absolute favorite! It looks gorgeous:

Shirley Temple:

Hawaiian Punch:

I think we can all agree those look amazing!!

Drying time was good and coverage great. I love them. 


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Essie Manicure in the City - Valentine's Day

I totally forgot!

Today you can get a free Essie manicure at the Swatch Flagship store on Graben in the first district!

The exact address:

Swatch Flagship-Store, Graben 28, 1010 Wien - you can get it done between 12 am and 8 pm!

They created two looks and a Valentine swatch you can buy for 55€:

I'm not sure if I find time to go there, but I think it's a great idea! If I do, I'll make some photos for you. :-)


Review: Maybelline Rocket Volum'Express Mascara

Hey lovelies,

How's your week? I can't week til it's weekend.. No work in the morning, but let's focus on something pleasant.

I got this two weeks ago and used it several times, so here are my thoughts. Before we begin, let's take a closer look:

I really like the brush, good size and shape:

Now some swatches. My lashes without anything on:

Close up time:

Lovely, right?

I immediately fell in love, it looked like a perfect mascara. No clumping, separated the lashes wonderfully and everything.

Unfortunately, there is one huge problem with this: it transfers on the under-eye area. After a couple of hours I had black/grey imprints. Every time I used it! I tried it with different foundations, concealers and without anything on. It happened every time!

I always thought it's my skin's fault that mascaras transfer, but it's not. It definitely is the product, cause this doesn't happen with all the mascaras I tried.

So sadly, I can't recommend it. I would love to, but it doesn't work, at least on my skin. I hate these imprints, it makes your face look dirty.

Product was given for review. Thanks :)