Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alverde - my perfect day limited edition - Haul

Hey guys,

I was quite excited for this collection and happy when I found a full display:

My haul - I think I was a good girl, I could have taken the lipgloss pots as well, soo cute, but I wouldn't use them..

There are two palettes and I took this one, it has such a beautiful blush!

The highlighting pearls:

I bought the lighter highlight pencil, the left, shimmery, colour applied easily, but the right one was quite hard and as one can see, it's too dark on my skin to be a highlighter..

Did you/Will you get anything? How's your sunday? I'm tired and unwilling to learn for my exam tomorrow.. Bad Guinevere..


Essence Whoom! Booom! trend edition - Haul & Swatches

Well well, comic-style is definitely "en vogue" at the moment.

That is what ended up in my basket:
The colour changing glosses, the cream eyeliner palette and all the polishes

Muse Marilyn, Roy's Red

Muse Marilyn, Roy's Red - As you can see the start out blue or yellow and turn into rose colours, or at least on my hand, haven't tried them on my lips yet.

The palette - personally I won't use these as eyeliners, but I will try how they work as eyeshadow bases.

Nail Polishes: You've got the art, Andy you're a star, Roy's Red, Chacalaca

Recommendations? - The nail polishes!! The have gorgeous colour pay off, apply nicely and Essence used a quite wide brush for these, maybe inspired by OPI, I definitely like it!


Friday, 25 February 2011

Wonder Woman Make Up Look

I know.. Another post. lol

This was the make up I wore for the preview night. The lighting is a bit crappy, cause it was already dark outside..

Do you like it?

I have to wait a week before I can do other looks.. Unfortunately, my eyes need a one week eye drops/eye gel treatment, cause they are so dry.. :-(


MAC Wonder Woman Haul & Swatches

I thought you might wanna see what I got:

Russian Red - I know it's permanent, but I didn't have it and why not buy it with this gorgeous packaging..

The ridiculously large lipgloss "Wonder Woman", aaaweesome..

A bit a difference..


Spirit of Truth - swatches coming soon :-)

Did you buy anything??


MAC Wonder Woman Preview Night

The preview night of MAC's new "it - collection" Wonder Woman was on wednesday and I think it was the best so far. It was at Gerngroß, luckily. Here are some pics:

Quite extreme, right? :-)

The collection itself, I loooove the packaging and look at those huuuge lipgloss. :-) Unfortunately, the lighter Bronzer hasn't arrived yet, but it's supposed to come.

Comic biscuits. :-)

I even met one of my followers, lovely Lillith, I love that name! Such a great experience!

I think the night was a full success, the bestsellers? The boring light lipstick and gloss. *gg*


Thursday, 24 February 2011

The No Make Up - Make Up Look

I wore this look to a job interview, cause I didn't know how they would react to colour I chose a complete neutral look.

In retrospect, the women who was part of the interviewing committee wore the worst dull grey/purple lipstick I've ever seen, so they must be quite open-minded..

Boring, right?.. *gg*

It was the weirdest job interview I ever had. They basically rejected me for having a too high educational level...


The Marionnaud Exchange Experience

Hey guys,

These pics were waiting to be posted for quite a while now, but I always forgot.. But tonight's the night!

After christmas I bought a Helena Rubinstein Mascara (the one with the leo print) and a Chanel Rouge Allure Laquer - and never used them. You know my "worship" thing, but the longer those two were lying around, the more I thought about exchanging them for something else. 34€ for a mascara is sooo much and after I bought the new Mac Peacocky lipglosses, which are soo much like the Rouge Allure Laquers, I decided to try it.

I went there and asked if it would be possible - cause I didn't have the receipt anymore, but the Marionnaud price stickers were still on the products. The woman I talked to said it's fine. I came back another day, she had the day off and the other saleswoman agreed quite reluctantly, but at least she did. So I started looking.

I needed a lot of time, which they obviously disliked, but in the end I chose these:

Alessandro nail polish Nr. 202:

An amazing Smashbox set, which was on sale for only unbelievable 15€. :-) I will a do an extra post about it. 

 I always wanted one of those YSL lipsticks, such beautiful packaging!!



AND the Harajuku perfumes recently got a new outfit and the old ones were on sale for only 5€ each, those were the ones they had left, I was soooo happy, I love the packaging!! So cute.. What a bargain! 

Word of advice:
If you ever go to Marionnaud, please bring cash, otherwise they freak out easily.. I had to pay 40 cents and I didn't have cash with me, I never have, I'm an unemployed student for fuck sake, and after rifling through my bag I was short 8 cents. What an embarassing situation..

So I said I just get some money from the cash machine across the street, so I wouldn't bother her with my searching any longer, but I obviously had reached her breaking point.. She told me that would block the cash desk too long (the store was empty) and she rather pay the 8 cents by herself and gave me a look that said: Leave and never come back!

Well, I know which Marionnaud store I will never enter again..


Sunday, 20 February 2011

London Haul & Swatches - Accessorize Polishes

One of my lovely readers recommended those and while I found none in the Accessorize stores, which I think is weird, I finally got them at Superdrug, a store I miss to death..

It was 3 for 2 and I bought these:

Good choices?


You see the beautiful duochromeness without the sunlight better, but I still think I wasn't able to catch their whole beauty..


Thursday, 17 February 2011

MNY I Am A Material Girl Haul & Swatches

I was surprised by the awesome products and couldn't resist those:

Lipstick: 802A Loveberry
Lipglass: 801A A Little Bit Gaga?

808A, 807A

On to the swatches:
803A, 802A

Isn't that a gorgeous colour pay off?

And I was quite surprised by the polishes as well:

808A, 807A

How pretty are they?

Did you get anything?