Friday, 25 February 2011

Wonder Woman Make Up Look

I know.. Another post. lol

This was the make up I wore for the preview night. The lighting is a bit crappy, cause it was already dark outside..

Do you like it?

I have to wait a week before I can do other looks.. Unfortunately, my eyes need a one week eye drops/eye gel treatment, cause they are so dry.. :-(



Blusherine said...

yesss, that was the look!! i love it! and it was so appropriate for wonder woman!
i have had the same problem with dry eyes, I am much better now, but I had to take specific eye drops for two months! The eye specialist told me I had to blink more often and not stare at my computer all the time, which is kind of hard if you spend your entire work day in front of the computer!

Guinevere said...

I can imagine, glad that you like it :-)