Wednesday, 2 February 2011

London and IMATS photos

Sooooo, here are some impressions from IMATS and the places I went. Enjoy :-)

Let's start with the pics from IMATS:

I looove the Hellboy movies..

I spent way too much money at the Crown Brush counter..

Enkore, such a sweet guy.

Lovely Tanja and her gorgeous boyfriend Jim who is huuuge. *gg* He had to bend down for the picture. Tanja is a lucky girl, he's hot.

Unfortunately, I didn't see the girls from the Pixiwoo channel, but meeting the others was definitely awesome enough. *gg* I was done with IMATS quite fast. I only had the exhibitor floor ticket and I was there at 9:15 and finished at 11:00. *gg* I pick what I want and when I have everything I leave, that's me and after 11 am it got uncomfortably crowded.. So it was exactly right. Naturally, I spent way too much money..

Some other pics:

Picadilly Circus

Doesn't this packaging look adorable??

Love it!! Superdrug is so amazing!

The two pair of shoes from Topshop I so desperately want..

Primark is unbelievable, they have a huge selection of clothes and shoes and that for prices you just can't believe. I bought four pair of shoes and paid only 22 pounds..

The make up quarter..

Relatively new to London. :-)

The MAC Pro store :-)

Oh how I love thee...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'm not sure if I should do a London haul, I don't want people to think I'm bragging.. Let me know how curious you are to see what I bought.



Blusherine said...

I am curious! I'd love to see the haul!

Lilly said...

me too :)