Monday, 7 February 2011

London Haul - IMATS part 1 - Brushes

Well, you wanted to see my things and so you shall see them. I would want to see them too, I love hauls. *gg*

This is the first part and I will show you all the brushes and I bought a ton of them. *gg*

I bought these brushes from Crown and disposable mascara wands:

I payed 100 quid for them. For this diversity of brushes and quality a really good price, nevertheless, it were 100 quid..

And I couldn't resist this duo fibre brigh pink brush set from Royal something for 20 quid and these two mixing palettes for 1 quid. *g*

Sooo awesome and bright. I wonder when they start making them with leo design, that would be such a big seller.

You see I spent a lot on brushes, but I had a quite convincing excuse for myself: you can never ever have enough brushes and they were sooo cheap in relation to the normal prices..

Anyone as crazy as me? Please let there be someone out there.. *gg*


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