Sunday, 6 February 2011

MAC Travel Exclusives

I know this is one crappy photo, but you still see what is on there. These are the travel exclusives. Such pretty packaging..

A little MAC story..
I was quite early at the airport and went straight away, what a surprise, to the MAC store at the duty free area to check if they still had Mickey Contradictor (or however one writes it) stuff, cause it was already sold out everywhere else in London.
Guess what, I was on Terminal 1 and only Terminal 3 and 5 had the collection.. I mean WTF??
But they told me I can transfer between terminals, so I did and when I got to Terminal 5 I wasn't allowed to enter, cause it wasn't "my" terminal.. Thanks a lot airport security..


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Blusherine said...

I wish there was a MAC at Vienna airport...