Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alverde - my perfect day limited edition - Haul

Hey guys,

I was quite excited for this collection and happy when I found a full display:

My haul - I think I was a good girl, I could have taken the lipgloss pots as well, soo cute, but I wouldn't use them..

There are two palettes and I took this one, it has such a beautiful blush!

The highlighting pearls:

I bought the lighter highlight pencil, the left, shimmery, colour applied easily, but the right one was quite hard and as one can see, it's too dark on my skin to be a highlighter..

Did you/Will you get anything? How's your sunday? I'm tired and unwilling to learn for my exam tomorrow.. Bad Guinevere..



Lilly said...

I found the collection at my local drugstore as well but I did not pick anything up. The collection is pretty but the typical alverde smell of the products makes me sick. :(

Guinevere said...

:-( sorry to hear that