Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Marionnaud Exchange Experience

Hey guys,

These pics were waiting to be posted for quite a while now, but I always forgot.. But tonight's the night!

After christmas I bought a Helena Rubinstein Mascara (the one with the leo print) and a Chanel Rouge Allure Laquer - and never used them. You know my "worship" thing, but the longer those two were lying around, the more I thought about exchanging them for something else. 34€ for a mascara is sooo much and after I bought the new Mac Peacocky lipglosses, which are soo much like the Rouge Allure Laquers, I decided to try it.

I went there and asked if it would be possible - cause I didn't have the receipt anymore, but the Marionnaud price stickers were still on the products. The woman I talked to said it's fine. I came back another day, she had the day off and the other saleswoman agreed quite reluctantly, but at least she did. So I started looking.

I needed a lot of time, which they obviously disliked, but in the end I chose these:

Alessandro nail polish Nr. 202:

An amazing Smashbox set, which was on sale for only unbelievable 15€. :-) I will a do an extra post about it. 

 I always wanted one of those YSL lipsticks, such beautiful packaging!!



AND the Harajuku perfumes recently got a new outfit and the old ones were on sale for only 5€ each, those were the ones they had left, I was soooo happy, I love the packaging!! So cute.. What a bargain! 

Word of advice:
If you ever go to Marionnaud, please bring cash, otherwise they freak out easily.. I had to pay 40 cents and I didn't have cash with me, I never have, I'm an unemployed student for fuck sake, and after rifling through my bag I was short 8 cents. What an embarassing situation..

So I said I just get some money from the cash machine across the street, so I wouldn't bother her with my searching any longer, but I obviously had reached her breaking point.. She told me that would block the cash desk too long (the store was empty) and she rather pay the 8 cents by herself and gave me a look that said: Leave and never come back!

Well, I know which Marionnaud store I will never enter again..



amusedPolish said...

what the.... such a rude cashier- I've got to look, which ones I've got, I always forget the name *gg*

Blusherine said...

Was it the one on Mariahilferstraße, right beside Thalia? Because that's where I bought my Harajuku Lover backups for 5 Euros and the lady was really rude to me! I mean really rude, I was only asking questions! Well anyway, I have both the little Angels from the Harajuku lovers, the regular one and the one in the bikini, those are the only scents I seem to like! But I will definitely check out the Mermaid one!