Friday, 25 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Preview Night

The preview night of MAC's new "it - collection" Wonder Woman was on wednesday and I think it was the best so far. It was at Gerngroß, luckily. Here are some pics:

Quite extreme, right? :-)

The collection itself, I loooove the packaging and look at those huuuge lipgloss. :-) Unfortunately, the lighter Bronzer hasn't arrived yet, but it's supposed to come.

Comic biscuits. :-)

I even met one of my followers, lovely Lillith, I love that name! Such a great experience!

I think the night was a full success, the bestsellers? The boring light lipstick and gloss. *gg*



Blusherine said...

I saw you there, I loved your eye makeup!
Your are posting quite a lot today, and I am commenting quite a lot today! :o)

Guinevere said...

why didn't you say anything!?!?! I would have loved to meet you, I'm posting even more today lol and I want you to comment all the time :-)

Blusherine said...

I saw you from far but you then you were suddenly gone! Lilly told me she had seen and talked to you! Next time I will hunt you down and have a closer look at your eye makeup! :-)

Guinevere said...

*gg* yeah hunt me down! I went home pretty soon I know, it wasn't my day. I went to the doctor and couldn't go in, cause my new insurance still doesn't show up on my e-card and Kronos pulled so strong on the leash that my one of my nails broke in the middle of the nail bed.. Au!
I hope Lilly only said good things about me *gg*

Blusherine said...

Only good things!! :-)

Guinevere said...


Lilly said...

blusherine is a shy girl, you know ;-) not like me, I tend to introduce myself to everybody I 'know'. oh, look, there is guinevere, let's say hi to her ...
next time we should all have a coffee together and chat.

PS: your fabulous picture is still on my husband's camera. I will send it to you asap. maybe you can forward it to nadine?

Guinevere said...

I will forward it of course, not sure if I look that fabulous though.. gg