Friday, 4 December 2015


Hi world,

I've decided, and it's been coming I realize, to end the journey of this blog. After 1140 posts and 6  years I feel it's time to move on.

My beautiful baby girl was born 7 weeks ago and besides the fact that she takes up all my time (which I'm happy about of course) I'm just not a "beautyholic" anymore. I'm rather a responsible make up lover. *gg* I evolved as we all should and I'm more than that and this blog doesn't feel authentic anymore.

Thanks so much for reading my two cents about the make up world. I'll leave the blog online, cause deleting all that would be a waste.

This is us signing off. :-)

With all my love,

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Pregnancy - thou art a heartless bitch!

This blog has been rather dead and there are several reasons for it, one of them is (and this is a big part of it) my pregnancy.

This is from two weeks ago, it's even bigger now

Sadly, pregnancy has been really tough on me those last couple of months. By now, I'm basically constantly in pain. I wish I would be one of those hot pregnant mums on Instagram, but I'm not.

Besides, the backache that makes it impossible to lie on my back, the stomach acid and the constant feeling like she might be breaking through me any second, every physical activity exhausts me and to say all that's annoying is an understatement. It feels like it's never gonna stop or get better.

It's two more weeks until she's coming and my belly is so big I can barely sit anymore. I'm not telling you all this for pity, I just wanted to explain.

Another reason I have troubles writing at the moment is that, to be honest, blogging feels rather shallow right now. There's so much going on in the world. Austria is being confronted with a huge wave of refugees and if it continues this way we won't be able to handle it. It worries me a lot and as positive as I try to be about it, I'm too much of a realist to believe everything will be good. I'm afraid it's gonna go to hell at some point, fast and with a lot of hate.

Additionally, nowadays everyone seems that have a blog, when I started it was still something special. You can't look at anyone's account on no matter what platform without finding a link to some blog. I wouldn't mind, but it has become so much about fame and money by now and it's been a real turn-off for me.

So that was my little rant. *gg* I'm gonna try to find back to it, but I don't know to what extent right now. With the baby coming, a lot will change.

Hope you're all doing fine.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Trim That Brow!

I'm sure none of us would have thought our eyebrows are such an important facial feature while growing up. *gg* I sure haven't. I just always wanted them to look like Angelina Jolies. lol

Today I'm gonna show you my must-have tools for nice and neat brows. However your natural shape is. :-) Here they are:

Good tweezers are a must. Mine are from Tweezerman, a brand I love, sadly they aren't so easy to get in Austria, but nothing a trip to the Uk can't fix. ;-)

This rosy, funny looking thing is a brow shaver. You can get it in drugstores, this one is from Bipa. I use it after I tweeze the obvious hairs to get rid of the lighter ones. It just gives you a neat result and leaves your eye area hair-free

Not all people trim the hairs above your brow, many only tweeze below the brow bone, I prefer to shorten the long ones so everything is in order, therefore the scissors :)

For the final touch is use this baby from Origins:

It's the "No Puffery" Cooling roll-on. It's originally designed for puffy eyes and bags, but it is the perfect product to cool and soothe the red areas after tweezing and shaping. I use it every time and I love it. 

So that's it. Those are my go-to tools for nice and neat brows. :-) I hope this was useful. 


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Products Revisited! bigood Deo Roll-On

Today I'm gonna start a new series. :-)

Sometimes we change our opinions on products or our initial impression gets fortified. With this series I wanna revisit products that I truly adore even after months and months of using them or that let me down.

Today It's all about Bipa's bigood Deo Roll-On.

This deodorant is amazing. I liked it in the beginning and now after months of using it I'm even a bigger fan.

What's so great about is that it really keeps your armpits fresh the whole day and this without having anything potentially harmful like aluminium in it. Oh and it's even vegan.

So if you're looking for a good deodorant that keeps you fresh and nice smelling, that's without all that crap science isn't so sure whether or not it's okay for your body, buy this.

The price tag is another plus with 3,99€ there's not much to lose. :)

If you get it, let me know if you like it as much as I do.


Monday, 8 June 2015

Body Image During Pregnancy

So this will be my first pregnancy-related post. :)

I had planned to talk about my first trimester, but this topic "body image during pregnancy" is so much more on my mind that I decided to post this first.

I've achieved quite a lot over the course of the last year, but what didn't happen was me getting in shape.

To be honest, I didn't expect to get pregnant that quickly, because despite what the media tells you many women have a hard time conceiving.

I have the Haschimoto syndrome which is a chronic inflammation of the thyroid and this little body part is extremely important when you're trying to get pregnant. It can take ages to get pregnant with an unbalanced thyroid and therefore I sorta expected that it might take even years to conceive. Guess my surprise when my husband knocked me up in our first month trying. *gg*

So there I was, far away from the right body mass index knowing that I would gain even more over the next 9 months. It worried me a lot and it still does. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant, so exactly half-time (yay!) and the belly really starts to grow now. :)

And you have all these pictures surrounding you on Instagram of beautiful women and their round but still even bellies. And even though I knew a curvy body wouldn't look that awesome pregnant I sorta expected my belly to look the same.

I have a greek statue kinda body so my belly was never "the" problem area, but I still have some fat there. And while all those pretty girls have that distinct firm, round belly which looks like she swallowed a watermelon, mine looks a little wobbly. And I'm not gonna lie, it makes me sad.

By now it's clear that I'm pregnant, but the last two months I could have just been fat and I looked with envy at those girls whose figure made it clear from month 2 there's a baby inside and not an accumulation of donuts.

I'm so grateful for having been able to conceive so effortlessly and I'm incredible happy about my pregnancy, but I still have to remind myself every day that I can't change the way I look right now and that it's okay. All that matters right now is giving our miracle what it needs and bringing it healthy into this world, but I would be lying to say it's easy to look in the mirror.

I look at my face that gets rounder each month and feel my clothes getting too tight for comfort and while others snap pics of their belly constantly I've been avoiding it until now.

So this is what's floating around in my head. Nobody said anything and my husband loves my belly, but that voice in my head that constantly finds something to criticize is loud enough.

I'm posting this, because I know I'm not the only one with that voice and it's always nice to know you're not alone. :)


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Unboxing the dm Boxes

Last week was a marvellous week in terms of beauty boxes. dm released its annual boxes.

A new box became available from Monday to Friday exactly at 7 am and if you were quick you could get one for only 5€ or 120 advantage points. By Friday, their website was barely able to hande the amount of people trying to get one. I have a really fast internet connection, but even I had quite a difficult time securing a box. *gg* Out of the 5 boxes I got 4 and they are amazing.

On Tuesday was a box with cleaning products and since I didn't have enough points for the whole week I skipped this one, but the rest I had to have. :) Let's take a look!

Monday "Die ganze Welt zum Strahlen bringen" - this box was filled with beauty products:

Wednesday "Glückssträhnchen sammeln" - in this it was all about hair products

Thursday "Zum Energiebündel werden" - this one I got in advance as a PR sample and it was a great mix of all different sorts of things you can use when being active and out there. I wish I could have shown it to you sooner, but it was delivered to my old address and to top it off I was in Scotland when all this happened. *g*

Friday "Zum Naturereignis werden" - this box was filled with natural cosmetic brands and even a pretty scarf.

Those boxes are incredible and I love them. So many amazing products. Shipping was 3,95€ so with the points this was all there was to pay.

I can't wait to secure them the next time available. Did you get one or maybe all of them?? If you wanna see more about a certain product let me know. :)

"zum Naturereignis werden" box was a PR sample

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Where I've been..

Hello lovelies,

I'm so sorry that it's been so quiet here lately, but the last couple of months have been rather dreadful.

I feel like a broken record, having always something going on with my health, but this time it is different. I had a dreadful time, but for the best possible reason - I'm pregnant! :-)

Nevertheless, I felt and was so sick that I had to bring my dog to my parents, cause I couldn't walk her anymore. Just so you get an idea. *g*

But since last week I finally feel a bit like myself again, so I'm gonna hope it stays that way and I'm able to revive this space again. :)

I'm now in week 18, so almost halftime! and I'm gonna write a few posts about how pregnancy is so far for me, a non-sugar-coated version, *g* so stay tuned.

Up next will be the unboxing of the DM-boxes I bought last week. :-)


Friday, 3 April 2015

The Beauty in Everything

Dear Readers,

I want to share something with you. It took me a while to come to this decision and I've been writing the sentences in my head for days. Please read it, it would mean the world to me.

I decided to change the focus of my blog a bit, broaden the scope so to speak.

When I started this blog years ago the only passion I had (left) was make up. I spent all the money I had (and more) on it. I loved buying those things and it gave me joy. I've been through some traumatic stuff and concentrating on beauty products was a distraction I desperately needed.

But I grew, especially in the last year a lot happened. It wasn't pretty, but I was finally able to overcome some of my biggest demons who had haunted me for years. I am nowhere near the place of mind I wanna be, but I got a lot closer.

During this time other things became important. I realized that my shopping habits were far from healthy and rational and I stopped buying things to fill that emptiness.

I will continue to write about make up and beauty products, cause I still love them, but will broaden the topics I wanna speak about. There is just so much more than make up in life. I wanna share what happened to me and what gives me joy nowadays.

I will include literature, cause books move me and they are treasures. I will talk about my trips to the UK, about pets and finding your purpose in life. Something I still am looking for.

I also wanna talk about the physical and psychological issues I've been dealing with. I think sharing it will help and maybe you are dealing with similar issues. I will and want to talk about depression, the hard and cold truth of it and how life-threatening it can be. Just think of the horrible Germanwings plane crash that just happened.

I also have a new job coming my way, I can't talk about it in detail yet, but if everything works out and we do hope it will, it will start in October and be one of the biggest changes in my life. I can't wait to share this with you as well.

Another issue I haven't tackled is a healthy lifestyle and body. I wanna master this as well and share my journey with you.

I hope that you will stay with me, because this blog is nothing without its readers. If you're just here for the make and nothing else, let me just thank you before you leave. It's been an honour and I am grateful for every time you've visited my page.

I think the name Anonymous Beautyholic is still appropriate, cause I am still (and I think we all are) addicted to the beautiful things and experiences in life. From now on I just will cover some new areas and talk about additional topics, cause everything else doesn't feel authentic anymore.

With all my love,

Misslyn Nail Smoothies

Today I have a beautiful nail polish for you. Last week while strolling through Müller I saw the new collection from Misslyn "Forbidden Fruits".

What intrigued me the most were the "smoothie" finish polishes. I ended up taking "sweet blackberry" home and I love it. It's an incredible beautiful colour. See for yourself:

I mean LOOK at that beauty! There is some texture in it, but without feeling or being gritty like sand polishes usually are.

I absolutely adore it. :)


Thursday, 26 March 2015

MAC Pro Palette

Hey guys,

As mentioned I got myself the big, double-sided empty refill palette. I have a rather excessive eyeshadow collection and for my greens, blues and browns the normal palettes weren't big enough.

I always thought this palette isn't available in Austria, but it is and with it I even have some new space. *gg* Let's take a look.

Isn't it beautiful. I love it. I was a bit nervous whether or not the eyeshadows really would stick to the palette, even if turned upside down, but it sticks nicely.

If you have a bunch of shadows of one colour and you wanna get them all into one palette - here's the solution. :)