Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Unboxing the dm Boxes

Last week was a marvellous week in terms of beauty boxes. dm released its annual boxes.

A new box became available from Monday to Friday exactly at 7 am and if you were quick you could get one for only 5€ or 120 advantage points. By Friday, their website was barely able to hande the amount of people trying to get one. I have a really fast internet connection, but even I had quite a difficult time securing a box. *gg* Out of the 5 boxes I got 4 and they are amazing.

On Tuesday was a box with cleaning products and since I didn't have enough points for the whole week I skipped this one, but the rest I had to have. :) Let's take a look!

Monday "Die ganze Welt zum Strahlen bringen" - this box was filled with beauty products:

Wednesday "Glückssträhnchen sammeln" - in this it was all about hair products

Thursday "Zum Energiebündel werden" - this one I got in advance as a PR sample and it was a great mix of all different sorts of things you can use when being active and out there. I wish I could have shown it to you sooner, but it was delivered to my old address and to top it off I was in Scotland when all this happened. *g*

Friday "Zum Naturereignis werden" - this box was filled with natural cosmetic brands and even a pretty scarf.

Those boxes are incredible and I love them. So many amazing products. Shipping was 3,95€ so with the points this was all there was to pay.

I can't wait to secure them the next time available. Did you get one or maybe all of them?? If you wanna see more about a certain product let me know. :)

"zum Naturereignis werden" box was a PR sample

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