Monday, 30 January 2012

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

This product quickly became one of my all time favorites. I bought it when Bourjois had their 50% off sale and loved ever since.
Some pics:

I'm the shade 51:

Blended out, not really happy with the way this swatch turned out, but you'll see the result on my face better anyway.

After a shower with nothing on:

Finished make up with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and a bit of the Healthy Mix concealer, no powder on top. Look at that result:

Now on to the actual review. *g* I absolutely love it. Simple as that! This foundation is great in every way possible.

It has a lovely finish, blends effortlessly into the skin, stays put, smells fruity divine and is the first foundation I ever came across that didn't make me feel like I need to set it with powder.

So if you are looking for a good foundation, go buy this one. You won't be disappointed. :-) I have the serum as well and gonna review it soon.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tropical Sunrise

Lately, I always feel the need to put on something bright. I'm sure it's the weather and well, I just love bright colours. *gg*

I used a variety of yellow and orange Mac and Sleek eyeshadows. The pink on my lid is "Bright Fuchsia" pigment by Mac and the liner is Mac Chromaline in "Rich Purple".

Hope you like it. :-)


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drugstore Haul

This is the "old" haul I was talking about. I bought these a couple of weeks ago.

After reading all the amazing reviews and that it transforms into a lovely highlighter on the face, I decided to try it:

I wanted a plain white polish and the one by Essence looked lovely on swatches, so I gave it a new home.  

Heard a lot good stuff about that as well and I don't really have such a clean gold eyeliner.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lipstick Storage

I was asked how I organize my (small amount *g*) of lipsticks. Here we go:

I colour-coordinated them. The plastic organizer is from IKEA and really cheap. On the right side are lip balms and depotted lipsticks. Behind it are my lipglass tubes.

Interested in a collection video/post?? :-)


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Glossybox January 2012

I was one of the lucky girls who got a Glossybox for review. You can't believe how excited I was when it arrived.

Here we go - instead of the normal rosy box it was a hot pink one, the Valentine's Day edition. I love it.

The inside is such as pretty as the outside. I'm one of the girls that is a true sucker for pretty packaging and they nailed it:

Now the best part, the inside:

I must say I didn't expect it to be so amazing. Especially, the Kiehls moisturizer and the Kérastase hair oil always tempted me, but were just too expensive for me to buy it.  Four out of five products are right up my alley. :-) I'm not sure if the Lancôme serum isn't too intense for me, but it's cool to be able to try it.

Close up time:

A huge wand for such a tiny mascara *gg*

So far I've only tried the Kiehls moisturizer and it seems to be a really promising product (except for the smell). I'm gonna review each product as soon as I used it thoroughly. :-)

This is such a cool concept. Each month a new box with high-end samples for 12€.
It feels awesome to get a new package each month and if products líke these are in the box every month, it definitely is worth 12€. 10€ for the box and unfortunately 2€ for shipping.

My mum was so excited that she immediately wanted to get it. *g* I think if you're not sure wether or not to get it, wait and see if the quality keeps being that amazing.

Thanks again Glossybox. :-)

Love you guys,
The product was given to me for review.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


I really love this one. It's "Hot Orange" by NYX.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia

My first Guerlain product. Probably the only one for quite a while as well. lol Momma's really broke..

This beauty is from the Spring 2012 collection.

Brace for unbelievable beauty:

I just couldn't resist.. I have a serious addiction. I bought it before knowing that after this purchase I'd only have 50€ left for this month, but the truly sad thing - I'm quite sure I would have bought it anyway.

I know you might wanna see swatches, but I just can't touch it yet. *gg* Temptalia has some lovely swatches of it. *click*

I have a drugstore haul left, but after that it might take a while until I will buy new products.

Did you get anything from their Spring collection?


My Lipstick Collection Part 3

It's berry and peach lipsticks day. If not other stated it's from MAC. Here we go:


left to right: Purple Rite, Most Popular, All's Fair, Alverde Kathrin, Kate for Rimmel 08, Kate for Rimmel 05, Alverde Rose Love


left to right: Essence I'm Sailing, Body Shop 54

Now there are only the reds missing. :-)


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

To my international followers

It feels like I've been neglecting you lately and I feel really guilty and sorry for that.

I was quite focused on the austrian beauty market, but I'm so happy to have readers from other parts of the world and I don't wanna loose you, so I want you to request the hell out of me. *g*

What products do you wanna read about? Something from the USA or the UK? From another place?? Let me know and I'll try my best to get my hands on it. If it's something else you would love me to do more such as Make Up Looks or nail polish swatches, just say it.

I'm a blogger, cause I love everything related to beauty and love sharing that passion, but what means the most to me is seeing that people enjoy reading my blog and comment. I live for those comments. *gg*

I hope to get many many comments with suggestions and wishes.

Love you all,

MAC Red Dwarf

I bought it. *g* I was super frustrated, cause all the Iris Apfel lipsticks were sold out after two minutes, so I used my christmas gift card for this beauty.


I've read that many of you prefer on-lip-swatches and ones where you see the whole face, so here we go:

I didn't use a lipliner, cause I simply don't have one in this colour and the nude one just looked weird. Hope you can excuse that.
For those of you who wonder what that yellow thing is on my teeth. No, it's not lack of hygiene. It's from a severe illness I had as a child, it "attacked" my enamel and I had it ever since..

Red Dwarf on my lips and nothing else on my face.

Hope you liked my "new" swatches. For the feeling of it: It's drying, which all longwear lipsticks seem to do and I certainly don't like that feeling. Nevertheless, it lasts longer than a normal lipstick. :-)


Alverde Fasching LE & Haul

I found this full display at Lugner City:

My haul:

You might think, why the hell do you need that?

I like the creamy basic colours, cause especially the three lower ones will be great for creating wounds and cuts. Gonna show you a wound with them soon. :-)

The glitter tubes might be handy for a future shooting.

Did you buy anything?


Monday, 16 January 2012

Tip Of The Day: Make Your Mascara Immortal

This is a quick tip for you lovelies. Maybe you think, jeeze I already knew that, but maybe not all of you.

You sure know that annoying point of your mascaras life when it gets sticky and all the colour is clinging to the wand. Most of the time this is the point one tosses it.

You won't need to do that anymore! I must say I'm mostly quite lucky when it comes to the durability of my mascaras. For example, my Givenchy mascara I bought two years ago is still as good as new.

So, what to do?

You take your old mascara and get rid of all the mascara that clings to the wand:

Now you clean your wand. I put on a glove (to avoid having mascara all over my hands and under my nails) and did that with my cleans off oil from MAC.

A perfectly "new" wand. Most of the time one doesn't care that much about the consistency of the mascara cream, but is in love with the shape of the wand.

Now you can use it with a new (probably cheaper) mascara, but still have your beloved old wand. Usually, you pay for the wand, not the texture of the mascara "cream".

I hope this was helpful.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

NYX Package

NYX is currently conquering the austrian market and for that reason sent some bloggers a couple of products and I was one of those lucky girls. :-)

Here's what I got:

I was a bit surprised, cause they wrote that the items in this package are their bestsellers. Especially, after reading on their facebook page that their famous palettes are their besteller. lol

I'm really curious how they will perfom, I already own many NYX products, but so far I never bought lip- or eyeliners.

Some swatches for now. :-) I'm gonna post a review as soon as I used the products thoroughly.


Gold, White Pearl, Dark Brown, Teal

Hot Orange, Italian Dusk, Clear

lip liners:

Never, Latte, Pumpkin, Pale Pink

My first impressions:
On the eyeliner front: two out of four pencils have great pigmentation: dark brown and teal.
Lipliners: Pumpkin just drips with pigmentation and is super soft, the others not that much, but still seem good.

Swatches of the polishes will follow soon. :-)

Do you own lip- or eyeliners from NYX? Do you like them?

Products were given me for review