Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Lipstick Collection Part 1

I decided to swatch all my lipsticks and show them to you. :-) Most of my lipsticks are from MAC, surprise, surprise. *g* If it isn't I write the company next to the colour.
Besides this being fun *gg*, it's good to really see all the colours I own again. So I'll probably avoid buying a colour I already own.

Today I'm gonna show you my purples, oranges and pinks. Due to the large number of lipsticks I own, I swatched them on my arm. If you are interested in any of them in particular, let me know and I will do a swatch on my lips. :-)


from bottom to top: Bing, Night Violet, Benefit Ms. Behavin


bottom to top: Neon Orange - Electro - Toxic Tale - Full Speed - Hot Sass - Kate for Rimmel Nr. 12


left to right: Rare Exotic - Impassioned - Rocking Chick - Candy Yum Yum - YSL Rouge Volupté Nr. 11 - Nivea Lingerie Pink - Hollywood Nights - Lickable - Fun n'Sexy - Mny Material Girl - Tropic Glow

As always the pictures are clickable and as soon as I'm gonna have good lighting (hopefully sunshine) I'll do the rest. :-)

Enjoyed that post? I love doing posts like these. *g*



Pink Bunny said...

do you mean the Estee lauder or the volupté from ysl ?

Guinevere said...

YSL.. Gg corrected it, one sees I never used it before..