Monday, 16 January 2012

Tip Of The Day: Make Your Mascara Immortal

This is a quick tip for you lovelies. Maybe you think, jeeze I already knew that, but maybe not all of you.

You sure know that annoying point of your mascaras life when it gets sticky and all the colour is clinging to the wand. Most of the time this is the point one tosses it.

You won't need to do that anymore! I must say I'm mostly quite lucky when it comes to the durability of my mascaras. For example, my Givenchy mascara I bought two years ago is still as good as new.

So, what to do?

You take your old mascara and get rid of all the mascara that clings to the wand:

Now you clean your wand. I put on a glove (to avoid having mascara all over my hands and under my nails) and did that with my cleans off oil from MAC.

A perfectly "new" wand. Most of the time one doesn't care that much about the consistency of the mascara cream, but is in love with the shape of the wand.

Now you can use it with a new (probably cheaper) mascara, but still have your beloved old wand. Usually, you pay for the wand, not the texture of the mascara "cream".

I hope this was helpful.


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