Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Alverde Fasching LE & Haul

I found this full display at Lugner City:

My haul:

You might think, why the hell do you need that?

I like the creamy basic colours, cause especially the three lower ones will be great for creating wounds and cuts. Gonna show you a wound with them soon. :-)

The glitter tubes might be handy for a future shooting.

Did you buy anything?



Sarah said...

ich bin sehr gespannt auf dein Makeup mit der Palette!!
habe mir noch nichts mitgenommen, aber mich lacht die andere palette an, ich überlege nämlich, ob man die Farben eventuell als Base verwenden kann für AMU's.
lg :)

hübsch. said...

My first thought was also to use them as a base but when i swatched them i noticed that the concistency is not the right one for an eyeshadow base. I think it would crease like hell.