Thursday, 5 January 2012

Flormar Store at Lugner City

I'll say it right away: I don't really know this brand. I've only heard about it several times or so and only about their nail polishes, but when I saw that huge poster and their shiny store yesterday, I just had to share it with you.

As far as I know they only had freestanding "counters" in Vienna so far, but apparently they are settling down. :-)

A few photos from the inside. It does look promising:

I could have bought a million things just from the look of their products. Especially, the nail polishes tempted me A LOT. *gg*

Nevertheless, I decided to look at some reviews and swatches online before buying anything. I'm trying to be as reasonable as possible with my make up purchases this year. :-)

What do you think?? Know the brand? Like it/hate it??



Anibani said...

this is like... heaven :D

JulyPJ said...

woooow, ich wusste gar nichts von dem shop, da muss ich nächste Woche hin!

Guinevere said...

Is auch ganz neu

DaniB001 said...

Wow, ich bin neidisch. Diese freistehenden Dinger enthalten nur einen kleinen Auszug vom Sortiment.

Kirschblüte said...

ha, die verkäuferin, die sich die chips reinhaut *geilo* =)

Guinevere said...

Die war soooo unfreundlich...

Anonymous said...

wow, der ist echt groß. ich kenne die marke schon, habe einen lippenstift davon und er ist wirklich toll! ebenso hab ich mir erst neulich die perfect coverage foundation geholt. sie ist recht gut, nur mir ein bisschen zu stark von der deckkraft, eher was für abend. ein blick ist sie sicher wert, es gibt auch viele helle farben (mein kaufgrund).
ach, ich freue mich schon aufs stöbern in dem mega store :)

Chinda-chan said...

Wow, jetzt gibt es sogar einen Store? :-o

Jen said...

Wir haben im DZ ja nur einen Stand, find aber die Farbauswahl echt gigantisch. Hab aber noch immer nichts gekauft. Irgendwann werd ich aber zuschlagen.

Simona said...

I bought some Flormar nail polish when I was on holiday in Turkey and I totally regret not buying more! I love their quality, formula and colours. I even gifted one to a friend and she fell in love with it, too! I so envy you for having a full store of their makeup! The only shame I could find is in a polish from the so called "super matte" line, which was not matte at all, but still lovely :)

Scarlett Meow said...

Hammer *.*

Anonymous said...

I have already bought their nail polishes, and they are good (I have more then 10 of this brand and I absolutely love them all except one)
for the eye shadows, I bought some too, but i prefered the mono ones.
for the rest I am looking for reviews, but I just can't find enough (what about the foundation? )

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