Tuesday, 17 January 2012

To my international followers

It feels like I've been neglecting you lately and I feel really guilty and sorry for that.

I was quite focused on the austrian beauty market, but I'm so happy to have readers from other parts of the world and I don't wanna loose you, so I want you to request the hell out of me. *g*

What products do you wanna read about? Something from the USA or the UK? From another place?? Let me know and I'll try my best to get my hands on it. If it's something else you would love me to do more such as Make Up Looks or nail polish swatches, just say it.

I'm a blogger, cause I love everything related to beauty and love sharing that passion, but what means the most to me is seeing that people enjoy reading my blog and comment. I live for those comments. *gg*

I hope to get many many comments with suggestions and wishes.

Love you all,


Emma said...

I actually really enjoy your posts about products I can't get in the UK, not entirely sure why - maybe it's because I know I can't actually buy them so my money is safe lol! x

Guinevere said...

@anonymous it's most certainly not, I buy the products I want anyway, I just don't wanna miss anything, what a stupid comment, by the way: if you critize me at least have the balls not to hide behind an anonymous comment..

@Emma that's good to hear gg

Becky said...

Hi just to let you know I have awarded you a versatile blogger award:


Becky x

Anonymous said...

you don't realize you're not making any sense do you? you constantly say that you are broke yet keep buying more and more stuff. seriously wtf?!
and to say it as nice as I possibly can: deleting a comment just because I'm not buttering you up is silly.

Anonymous said...

and what difference does it make if I post a comment as anonymous or with a fake name. none.

Guinevere said...

keep nagging all you want if that gives you a kick, no one forces you to read my blog, just fucking leave if you don't like it, how I spend my money is my business

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