Tuesday, 17 January 2012

MAC Red Dwarf

I bought it. *g* I was super frustrated, cause all the Iris Apfel lipsticks were sold out after two minutes, so I used my christmas gift card for this beauty.


I've read that many of you prefer on-lip-swatches and ones where you see the whole face, so here we go:

I didn't use a lipliner, cause I simply don't have one in this colour and the nude one just looked weird. Hope you can excuse that.
For those of you who wonder what that yellow thing is on my teeth. No, it's not lack of hygiene. It's from a severe illness I had as a child, it "attacked" my enamel and I had it ever since..

Red Dwarf on my lips and nothing else on my face.

Hope you liked my "new" swatches. For the feeling of it: It's drying, which all longwear lipsticks seem to do and I certainly don't like that feeling. Nevertheless, it lasts longer than a normal lipstick. :-)



Nagellackprinzessin said...

sieht toll aus, aber der name ist ja voll blöd :D

The Muses said...

ich find "lippen-swatches" auch viel cooler! da seh ich dann wirklich wie die farbe aussieht :)
diesen mac find ich jetzt nicht so berauschend, aber schön ist er schon! :)

hübsch. said...

ich hoffe du bist dir im klaren darüber das es zum großteil DEINE schuld ist das ich mir den auch gekauft habe!:-))))



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